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Yet another Thigh Video where I spent FOREVER trying to get a shot of her from in front. I was looking for the big breast bbw associate who was working around there but found her instead. She didn't see me at all, but her friend did. She said "Look that guy CAME BACK BY to look at your underwear showing! Hahaha!" She pulled her clothes a second after I went by and a second before her friend said that.
146 sec 25.6 Mb 71 sec 10.5 Mb 18 sec 3.66 Mb
Sexy stripes. Just watching her for moving. Trying to make an .ASF file but that didn't happen. Good shots straight down at her butt and bonus chicks did happen.
56 sec 7.6 Mb 95 sec 15 Mb 90 sec 18 Mb
Looking and bending with tons of artificial color added. I finally got the 'frontal' I wanted! Right after I got it, a worker who was there working, whose attention I REALLY didn't want, aske me: "Are you looking for someone?" I said something like "Yeah, but I think I better just go". This was the day after they caught on to me, but didn't catch me, so it was definately time to go! Watched her browse, fighting for shots. And to think at first I thought not to tape her! I couldn't get the shots from the front I wanted to complete the vid because she was always facing the racks or her cart or holding up some pants.
80 sec 18.6 Mb 79 sec 17.2 Mb 171 sec 32.1 Mb
If I'd noticed she was an associate I'd've stopped atping her, even though I strongly doubt she noticed I was trailing her. I think this turn's why I taped her. That and some what-the-hey. So big she'd hurt her foot.
34 sec 6.02 Mb 99 sec 22 Mb 7 sec 1.59 Mb
Actually followed them all the way outside. I had issues doing it, and I bet I looked a little too suspicious, but I did it. Wonderful little pillars of strength. I should've taped her a little longer SO WIDE she's GOT to have to have to turn sideways to walk through a normal door! I'm glad that by this point I was able to make my videos brighter, so I could go back to filming at the mall, and actually come out with good footage.
The best head-on shot I could've gotten was when she went into the store, and of course I missed that because I wasn't ready, but not to worry 'cause I got some good head-on frontal stuff anyway. I waited for her to come out of the store, but since I'd never filmed in that store and it was lit good I knew I should just go in there since it wasn't some kind of women's store. It was a watch store. When I was in there the guy said "I can help you" I'm like: "No I'm just looking." While I was hanging around, I looked for other candid oppurtunities, but I didn't have to wait long for her to come out, and when she did I did a little trick shooting with the camera pointed backward as I walked in front of her. I round the vid off by hurrying up a bit to pass her so I can hold the door. When I do it a guy carrying some stuff walks through it and she waits for him to go through first. I should have rounded out the vid by following her all the way to her car so I could find out how she gets her wide body between two cars possibly, and more importantly, how she gets it all in the car!
99 sec 18.5 Mb 36 sec 5.68 Mb 181 sec 31.1 Mb
I figured I should tape her after all, since she was just sitting there. Watch the shadow, then the subject. A little dark vid of some juicy thighs.
34 sec 3.36 Mb 113 sec 12.4 Mb 14 sec 1.5 Mb
...Or does she mainly work in the electronics section since she gets the keys to the video game case? If you like big thighs this on's right on Target! (No pun intended!) The color's a little funny at times because I was trying to brighten the video back up and keep it there. In the end, at the end, it really didn't matter, though, because the second half of this video is PHENOMENAL! This video is basically about her pushing a group of shopping baskets across the store, but you won't figure out how exciting that is until you watch this video! It's the Queen of the Curve again! Yep that FINE GIRL from the Preview Section and the earlier vids is back! Is this the section of the store I should look for her in? I had to get this right, and by now I'd figured out having my hand or the camera battery too close to the camera antenna can cause interference sometimes, so I think I did kept that down pretty good. I just didn't get it down long enough before I noticed her to get the file size of the video down(static and stuff in the raw footage raises the file size of the final video, even if it gets cut out from the final vid.). I had to make this video a .zip file. At first I didn't want to make VIDCAPS of this one, then I thought: "I better! this looks like a good vidcap clip after all!" Not a normal angle in it, but nice to look at.
210 sec 32.2 Mb 106 sec 13.5 Mb 12 sec 1.04 Mb
Big women with thighs in non-tight pants. We'll be leaving the store soon. Just something I glanced at while trying to tape a pregnant girl I didn't really get in the baby section.
43 sec 7.46 Mb 40 sec 4.12 Mb 9 sec 1.77 Mb
I made it my goal to follow her every time I saw her, but not hunt for her. Don't know why, but I thought I might be following 'the funny butts' too much. I follow her just a little bit more in this unedited short .ASF video. I knew I'd end up with more than one .ASF file in this big update
26 sec 5.13 Mb 27 sec 4.31 Mb 20 sec 2.14 Mb
Working like she's pregnant. A better look at the big hangover hipped woman. Decided to do a little following of these.
65 sec 6.79 Mb 131 sec 14 Mb 58 sec 6.35 Mb
Whoa... those two women have amazingly weird butts. The bigger one's speaks for itself. That woman was a bit too heavy. She was on oxygen, but you probably won't notice the tubes in any of her clips, and she was having difficulty geting the hang of the Wal-Mart power chair she was using. She tried to back that thing up and almost ran over this guy that was there, so her partner said that she should walk behind her in case that happens again. And the partner... look how high up her butt is on her body! Short as she was, she was still the taller one, so it was her job to stretch up for things up on the shelves.. Very thick legs in very tight pants. She'd gone out to talk to a woman I'd just taped but I didn't tape that part. Pretty thick over there.
138 sec 14.8 Mb 24 sec 2.53 Mb 36 sec 4.55 Mb
Employee going to the back. I think there was something funny about the shape of her thighs I was going for, and I cut the vid short when I realized I wasn't getting it in the footage. I STRUGGLED to get a good peek at this woman with a pouch, ands by the time she got where I could see her I had to leave, rushing off to tape a mature bbw in black pants and a blue shirt with a lower half that was out of this world! That video didn't come out so well, but if you like big hip matures you better go to Page 4 of the Butts Section and look for her anyway!
38 sec 9.16 Mb 46 sec 6.82 Mb 51 sec 7.26 Mb
I recorded this video so I'd have a video from a grocery other than Wal-Mart, not that there's much wrong with Wal-Mart! I just want to get some variety of location on the site. Compare her legs to her friends' legs. She's not huge, but she's SO THICK I almost wonder how she can walk! The VIDCAPS came out great!
33 sec 5 Mb 106 sec 18.5 Mb 99 sec 22.6 Mb
When I first saw her, I decided not to tape her, but she was thick and I saw her a couple more times in the store so I finally decided to do it. I'm not sure why I didn't make that descision sooner. She didn't look like it at first, but she was having a horrible day. I saw her again when I got outside to leave, but as I was getting the camera back out, she was getting a phone call. It turns out that some poor female she knew who had been hospitalized had just died, and she started to cry. I try to tape bbws doing all sorts of things, but not crying like that, so I went home. If you still want to see a video of a very sad girl look back to Page 3 of the Butts Sectionabout halfway down, at the girl in gray sitting & talking on her cell, or look forward to a clip in the Breast Section and Large Section about a McDonald's crew meeting to see a tiny bit of that. The animation has tiny holes in it, but the clip is BEAUTIFUL! I didn't really like the way my shadow kept showing up, but that really only happened on the parts that were cut out. I really liked the way I could just tape the way her thighs were rubbing together. I was hoping she lived all the way on the other side of the bridge instead of the apartment she turned to. I had to put this video in a zip folder. Turned out surprisingly dark- and surprisingly good! Surprisingly though, I had to zip this file to get the server to take it.
22 sec 4.67 Mb 94 sec 12.1 Mb 50 sec 4.92 Mb
Something decent on my way to line. I thought the stripey shirt pregnant girl I'd been taping had left when I started to tape this. When the camera whirls off to the side at the very end I was turning it back on that girl. She was thick enough for the site, but her thighs need more thickness.
25 sec 5.94 Mb 37 sec 8.77 Mb 37 sec 8.78 Mb
Had to make this a butt video despite it's size. It goes in and out of clear. If you don't like the video that much, take theVIDCAPS because they're pretty good. Look at all that thigh curve! I felt the need to get the camera off the previous girl I'd taping (The big girl in blue with pink)- and the need to tape this one! Since the two girls were both off the same raw video file both of thier videos ended up with unneccesarily large file sizes. Sorry, but videos that had lots of fuzz and stuff in them in the first place, before I edited them often come out like that. VIDCAPS! Just goin' for a nice little walk on campus. I had to zip this video. Wanna see the VIDCAPS from it?
83 sec 19.2 Mb 44 sec 10.9 Mb 30 sec 6.74 Mb
Thigh pair I thought were even nicer that they were! I actually followed her all the way into the campus library and into the first floor public computer room. Never took my camera into the campus library before. The biggest update ever starts here! A lot of what I taped came out crazy so I had to throw that footage out, but the footage of her leaning over the refridgerator, pressing up against the bar, stomach bulging out above and thighs bulging out below, came out nice. See the VIDCAPS!
16 sec 4.2 Mb 38 sec 6.91 Mb 33 sec 7.74 Mb
I saw this girl and realized it might be a good idea to come by here some time and wait for thick teenage girls to get off the bus after school. I'd had some other nice sightings here before, too, so I kind of discovered that I should keep the cam system in a state of readiness when I bike past here. I was totally not ready to see this girl, so problems abounded. This is the first video I can remember making where not only did I find that the reciever was out of tune, but also the wireless camera was having touble transmitting! I did get the shot of her I wanted, though. Then the next problem was with my escape route. I didn't find out there was only one way in or out of the little apartment complex they were returning to until after I rode into it! I didn't want to bike right back past them, so I waited for them to go into one of the buildings before I left. February 19th, 2007 update starts here. Extremely thick. Crossing the street [opposite] legs in sync.
19 sec 4.99 Mb 50 sec 10.8 Mb 16 sec 1.69 Mb
A very juicy college girl coming up from far away. Not a good video I just liked the look of her leg & I like sitting bbws. Well built.
26 sec 3.31 Mb 13 sec 1.17 Mb 33 sec 4.40 Mb
Her breasts werent big but I loved the way they were x. Ok vid of a girl with a nice shape but the best parts too short. The best shots of her shape were far off.
107 sec 14.9 Mb 19 sec 2.24 Mb 10 sec 1.25 Mb
Why not just follow her all the way x. A very brief thigh moment because she was overshadowed by a busty girl in blue. Im on a spy mission x.
139 sec 19.0 Mb 18 sec 2.36 Mb 53 sec 6.79 Mb
Girls fighting x. February 15th, 2007 update starts here. These last legs looks were good looks. Ms. Nice Legs again, with a friend.
30 sec 2.47 Mb 37 sec 4.97 Mb 22 sec 5.41 Mb
Enough. A wavy big thigh look. I love the shape of her legs! Lots of thickness on top. Lots of space on the bottom.
16 sec 3.77 Mb 7 sec 1.61 Mb 145 sec 30.3 Mb
More thigh in the distance. First I thought to tape her. Then I thought I should throw the footage away at editing time. Then I thought again. Then I got a brighter video of her! Almost mistook her for someone else.
10 sec 2.37 Mb 14 sec 3.37 Mb 12 sec 2.53 Mb
Thigh cam low. If you pay attention to her surroundings you will see anorexics to compare her to. She's mostly a silhouette in this clip, but she sure looked good walking outside. February 10th, 2007 update starts here.
23 sec 4.59 Mb 22 sec 5.14 Mb 35 sec 7 Mb
Big side view. Almost didn't get this. The ssbbw the camera dreamt about earlier.
33 sec 3.49 Mb 21 sec 2.87 Mb 99 sec 14.1 Mb
Was that a giant that just walked by? Maybe not... Then again, maybe so. Looked at this a while and said: "Yep. I gotta keep it".
76 sec 7.83 Mb 9 sec 1.27 Mb 22 sec 2.59 Mb
Just sorta standin' there lookin kinda sexy. So you can see a swerve. Not the curve. I had to stand and watch this guy's girl's smooth thigh curves, but first I had to get my camera straight, because it was letting Mickey Mouse intimidate it. VIDCAPS!
30 sec 3.53 Mb 12 sec 1.72 Mb 178 sec 37.0 Mb
The big woman & her pregnant friend again. This time I focused on the big one because I had to! I couldnt get a good profile for the pregnant one, which I would have needed for her shots, because the big one was so big and was standing where I'd have needed to be. Had too hard a time classifying this clip and too hard a time discarding it. I don't know why or how this happened, but this video somehow managed to get itself into some sort of wide screen distort. I'm just glad I could still edit it! It's is cool to watch, especially the first half of it!
149 sec 27.8 Mb 7 sec 1.69 Mb 59 sec 14 Mb
Giant jiggly surprise! The video's got pows & pops & it's too short, but it's not bad. This is the brightest vid I have of her. Isn't it nice?VIDCAPS!
28 sec 6.75 Mb 19 sec 4.53 Mb 58 sec 10.6 Mb
Three different women in the aisle. First & darker time. She's got nice breasts, too. The raw footage got brighter all by itself right at the end. What happened?
48 sec 6.07 Mb 59 sec 5.46 Mb 33 sec 3.62 Mb
BIG THIGHS!!! This is one of the greatest big thigh videos ever!!! The video originally came out too dark, but for most of it the color contrast was still there, so I could just lighten those parts up... and they came out pretty good. (The parts like the very beginning in the bread section, where I couldn't get the detail back by lightening it up, I left dark.) This clips got her standing, walking and bending, from the front, the side, the rear, far away, up close, in the dark, in the light, and in slow motion. The only thing this clip is short on is her thighs rubbing together. They were so big that they had a shape in the back that was a LITTLE unusual to see, and that looked neat folding back and forth when her legs were rubbing against each other. See if you can catch a little of that while you're watching. I really love this video, and since you're this far down on this page, I can state with confidence that you will too! AND it's a long one, so there's PLENTY to watch! VIDCAPS! Do I know her now? I was on my way to Wal-Mart and I'd just stopped the dramatic footage I'd actually filmed while actually riding my bicycle! That footage would have been decent, and cool to watch, but it didnt come out, so we'll have to settle for this. This video was from up closer anyway.
617 sec 73.6 Mb 64 sec 7.21 Mb 22 sec 2.64 Mb
If you'll look in this exact spot at the bottom of the first Thighs Page you'll see my first sighting of this girl. She went to Burger King a lot (Doesn't she look like it?) and we used to tease this cashier we worked with, saying this was his girlfriend because of the way she looked and acted when he would take her order. Anyway, this is the first time I got her in a video that turned out good. I had to lighten it up slightly to get light and contrast, but it turned out well. Usually I can't fix a video that's too dark. Rocking bright blue clip. She filled out those pants too nicely. I have old snapshots of that busty fat girl from befoe I even started shooting vids in the old pics zip folder at the bottom of the Member's Home Page.
32 sec 4.15 Mb 29 sec 5.28 Mb 47 sec 7.07 Mb
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