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Just a college schoolgirl. Jumping violet. The curtains open for the chunky one.
19 sec 2.56 Mb 34 sec 6.42 Mb 12 sec 2.94 Mb
Something about her butt said keep this clip. The reciever wasn't set right but that made the video dark- not crazy! This was some of the most I'd done of taping a girl BEHIND me while we walked that worked. February 8th, 2007 update starts here. It should've clicked that if she was going to class in the next clip, I now knew where to find her. She had a class in the same building at the same time as the busty girl I used to call the queen! I could't wait for this girl to get out of class, though because I didn't want the old 'queen' to see me.
21 sec 4.07 Mb 37 sec 4 Mb 56 sec 10.2 Mb
There she is again! That guy's got her attention, so getting a good video should be easy! This video means that I didn't have to worry about her driving off, never to be seen again, in the last video I got of her. I kept the footage at the end of the video so you could see I actually followed her into one of the academic buildings, and she had no idea what I was up to. If she had known what I was doing, she probably wouldn't have been polite enough to not shut the door on me. Vidcaps for members! They were having a very religious conversation, so I felt kind of bad taping them and left. That was my first and only video shot at the liabrary. I was shooting there because I had to go there to order a new computer. You can read about that in the oldest entry in the Site News. January 28th, 2007 update starts here. I saw this girl and said to myself "No, it'll come out too dark" but I decided while the camera was rolling to follow her since I should have had plenty of time to get things right while I folloed her to the other side of the store. Well, it turns out I didn't have plenty of time to get things right because it's as if her two male friends were guarding her. I hate it when I'm trying to tape a woman in what should be a nice safe filming from behind, but some guy in a white shirt that's with her keeps looking back at me. He wasn't exactly looking at me, but with one both friends on her left and obstacle on the right, and one friend looking forward and the other looking backward it as if she were in some sort of security convoy. Should I have left her alone, then?
171 sec 37.3 Mb 15 sec 3.8 Mb 93 sec 10.1 Mb
This video came tantalizingly close to being an illegal upskirt video. I don't want to get into any legal trouble with this website or my filming, so there won't be any upskirt videos on this site. If I found I'd done that without thinking, I'd have to delete that footage. A shaky clip that's a little off the subject. Should I have taped her? January 25th, 2007 update starts here.
77 sec 2.29 Mb 67 sec 8.45 Mb 19 sec 2.85 Mb
I'm not exactly sure what I loved so much about her. Her video didn't come out so well so it didn't really help me remember, but I think it was her thighs I was after. She was a nice girl, though, which I believe because of something she said to me. This video may have served it's purpose, though, because I do know that one of the reasons I shot it was to take a break from the girl in the previous video. That way I might look less suspicious to her and her friends. It was NICE to just be walking along and see this! I saw that big dark chocolate cleavage popping out and didn't even notice her girlfriend had nice thighs 'till I went back to edit the footage at home. I really wanted to get a long video of her. I was really trying hard to get as many good frontal shots as possible(I wanted to make sure I got real good shots of her because she 's really black so I knew some of them just wouldn't show her ample cleavage profoundly enough... and I needed lots of shots, period!) without getting busted, but she was turning around a bit too much. Oh well, that just made the video that much longer! I used little tricks(that seemed to work this time) to tape her longer without creeping her out or getting her friends' attention. For one, I took little breaks, including one long one where I went to tape another girl, and then came back for her. I also pretended to browse for juice drinks when they were in the drink aisle. I WAS there actually buying groceries, as usual, but I don't even buy that kind of stuff! You may be able to see the bottom of a bottle of grape flavored something during the video because at one point moved the camera hiding place to under that bottle! I appreciated how her friends weren't constantly next to her. They seperated at one point, meaning the only eyes watching me were the eyes of the subject, and they were a little inattentive then because she was on the phone! VIDCAPS! The second long nails clip ever! I wasn't sure if she should have gone into the Butts Section, too, but then I thought putting her in the Other Section would land her in two Sections still and that tipped the scale to how it is now. I saw her thighs & hips first, then I noticed her cool fingernails. I didn't look at her while I was taping her when she was in line because I wanted to have the cam closely watching her count her money, and I didn't want her to think I was reaching over to steal it!
57 sec 7.20 Mb 456 sec 60.2 Mb 136 sec 18.2 Mb
The thigh girl on the right. I couldn't get the shots right for the plaid thigh girl, but I got the big girl this time. Gets all the bad out of the way at the beginning. I also remembered to duck the camera to not show my reflection in the window.
17 sec 2.29 Mb 24 sec 2.88 Mb 36 sec 4.68 Mb
Only because she was seated. Too long and too dark. I was like: "That's all I got of her?! What if she drives off & I never see her again? Speaking of driving, I didn't care about the police car that drove right in front of me.
7 sec 504 Kb 67 sec 5.09 Mb 58 sec 5.33 Mb
Yup. It definately wasn't time to leave campus yet. It was time to go back in. Very distant. Time to go home now? Flashback.
39 sec 6.59 Mb 35 sec 4.65 Mb 21 sec 2.17 Mb
I wanted to get shots of the front of each of these thigh girls but couldn't, because of those guys jumping around. I almost got hit trying to get the first girl, but fortunately, no one cared. Which way was she going? I followed her into new student center. She was even polite enough to hold the door open behind her. One bright moment.
64 sec 6.63 Mb 51 sec 5.07 Mb 12 sec 1.52 Mb
Aim was a little off, but subject was ok. My outdoor aim had somehow gotten rusty. Something about that thigh shape was just good.
13 sec 1.31 Mb 20 sec 2.46 Mb 34 sec 4.59 Mb
Ooh cool! Long legs. Now that I look back, I think I'd just seen her. Yummy coming.
88 sec 9.84 Mb 24 sec 2.93 Mb 17 sec 1.98 Mb
I was biking to the university, thinking about getting fresh footage from different places, rather than just Wal-Mart, and making plans to go to an upcoming event in the neighborhood to film. All of a sudden, I spotted a chance to get this! This was a new location! I had the camera ready because I'd just missed an oppurtunity a few seconds ago getting it ready, and was all set by this point to capture this video while I was on my bike! January 24th, 2007 update starts here. I think I see her sometimes. This is the only Thigh video in the January 16th 2007 update. Just as I was getting in line...
sec b 39 sec 4.51 Mb 16 sec 2.10 Mb
I knew I should have started filming right off instead of triple checking the camera! The very beginning was my only chance to get a frontal shot and I screwed it up! No matter how hard I tried, I could never get straight in front of her again. Look at the little vidcap I have of her straight on coming up from the distance with her friend and you'll see why I made it my goal to get a little more of that! I also liked her little friend, because she was so much flatter and skinnier that she was great for comparison. Now there's a pair of female friends that can't share clothes! Speaking of clothes, they came there to look for a Wal-Mart pair of shoes, and when they went into the shoe aisle and didn't find them the hippier girl said "Guess they don't have them here. We'll have to go to the other Wal-Mart." Oh no! I don't have a car, and they're leaving aready!! No!!!! AFTER THEM!!! VIDCAPS! Playing with powerchairs. Shouldn't've used this clip. Shouldn't've missed this chick.
104 sec 13.3 Mb 69 sec 8.86 Mb 6 sec 739 Kb
Slightly better pass. Much shorter video. I doubted whether I should post this or not. It was real good but the moment was really brief. That ladder seemed more in the way than it looks.
3 sec 474 Kb 10 sec 1.28 Mb 115 sec 12.4 Mb
The college students were coming back! Starting off okay. A lil' somethin' I stumbled upon. Wasnt sure where to put her vid so I put it everywhere. VIDCAPS!
80 sec 8.23 Mb 14 sec 1.47 Mb 230 sec 22.2 Mb
Just somethin' that walked out in front of me. January 10th, 2007 update starts here. Curvy ssbbw. Did I miss her in the store? Way up close. That's all.
4 sec 482 Kb 31 sec 4.59 Mb 69 sec 8.06 Mb
Frizzy thighs. They'd just been to Wal-Mart yesterday TWICE! I had to be more cautious shooting but I got the good shots, including one from the front I'd wanted. Click here for vidcaps. Thick enough for the Thigh Section, chunky enough for the Large Section, busty enough for the Breast Section, but not enough back for the Butt Section. Click here for vidcaps. I taped this girl for as long as I did to get as many shots of her cleavage as I could, because those shots aren't always as great as they should be. They're usually tough to get. She was very easy to safely track, because the guy with her was listening to music. I could leave her for a while to come back later and not lose her, because he stayed with her and I could listen to his music!
15 sec 1.82 Mb 133 sec 18.4 Mb 237 sec 32.7 Mb
Three tall college bbws. Dense pear. Not too heavy. Click here for vidcaps. Fat & fast with a brief busty bonus at the end.
93 sec 10 Mb 40 sec 6.17 Mb 28 sec 3.32 Mb
Found chunky. She was hard to catch so I wasn't going to chase her much longer. I gave up even earlier because I thought I saw her with a camera phone. An associate I see sometimes, usually pulling something.
25 sec 2.55 Mb 43 sec 4.92 Mb 16 sec 2.11 Mb
Sorry this whole vids slightly blurred. I knew she was about to go. I couldn't wait for her to leave so I could tape her exiting. There was a woman off on the left in blue I thought I had more footage of. December 28th, 2006 update starts here. Holy Shit! I'm glad I didn't leave too early that night! I was really on edge taping this because I wanted to top it off with a good shot from the front too without tipping her or her friend off. Thighs for the sake of skin.
201 sec 23.0 Mb 347 sec 43.7 Mb 40 sec 4.71 Mb
I JUST GOT TO THE PLACE, hadn't even focused my camera yet, and there's a hot young bbw already! I had to hurry and chase her inside before I lost her, but I got distracted by another bbw on the way in! I shot lots of her and then she left the store. I took a break to peek into the Target across the street, but I really wasn't able to find any bbws. Whatever she and her friend left Wal-Mart to find, well they couldn't find it by leaving Wal-Mart, either- so when I came back they did too! (As a side note, there was another bbw who was entering Wal-Mart when I left for Target and was leaving when I got back.) I probably should have made this one two videos because of that, but for this update I was putting all the footage I had of one girl in one extended video so I didn't. I wasn't as happy shooting this video as you might have thought I was because I had to go extended periods before I could get the shots I really wanted. I'm telling you though: The money shots are too good to miss! So if you like big black thighs and big black hips in tight blue jeans then watch this clip! Big beautiful close up. Hippy girl and her thick red friend.
327 sec 45.9 Mb 24 sec 2.72 Mb 45 sec 5.07 Mb
The whole family was there & the camera rolled anyway. Two big girls in white tops & blue jeans- one big butt! Little bit o' lime.
136 sec 15.3 Mb 211 sec 28.0 Mb 9 sec 1.46 Mb
She was waiting impatiently for somebody (Her man, I think.) so I waited around her for a minute. The camera goes up when she asks me what time it is. She was getting a little tired of waiting. Her man & kids were there & I didnt care. The boy was complining his feet hurt. Mom told him was only 7 so they dont hurt! Maybe her feet hurt. Oops! I barely got this collision on tape. She claimed she was paying so much attention to the stuff on the top shelves she wasn't looking where she was going.
63 sec 9.04 Mb 71 sec 7.13 Mb 33 sec 4.31 Mb
Questionable quality. I was trying to end a vid when I saw her. Thick thigh teen shopping with grandma. Big & juicy shopping late at night.
54 sec 8.54 Mb 101 sec 11.8 Mb 83 sec 8.70 Mb
I wanted to post this as a long hair clip too, but she turned out too dark & I aimed too low. I almost couldn't use this one. December 19th, 2006 update starts here. Watch her thighs overlap. Don't you just love watching that? I only turned on the camera to get this short-legged one while I was in line.
73 sec 10.4 Mb 87 sec 11.2 Mb 17 sec 1.6 Mb
One clip I don't have to apologize for! Came out too good for that! November 16th, 2006 update starts here. When it comes to thighs, she's the queen of curves! I was at the water fountain thinking she might come by, and she did- while my back was turned! Otherwise I could have probably added 1 or 2 juicy seconds to the very beginning of this clip. Well, you do have to watch your back while filming candid videos... Had to stop filming this for that!
94 sec 11.5 Mb 122 sec 9.17 Mb 60 sec 5.1 Mb
Put the camera here a while... Put the camera there a while... Watching her work. November 9th, 2006 Update starts here. If only I'd caught them sooner. This group of three's all that came out of one vid.
263 sec 31.8 Mb 17 sec 2.29 Mb 21 sec 3.76 Mb
Buns that tried to escape. Her thighs were absolutely GORGEOUS,(I was lovin' her jeans, too) but she seemed to be onto me from the very first moment! She seemed to think it was funny, though, and I don't know if she knew whether I was taping her or just checking her out. At the end of the video where she comes out of the aisle she said to her friends: "Who just stops there in the middle of the aisle?" If she thought I was just checking her out I can see why she thought I was funny! Her and her girls again! My fourth, and hopefully not final sighting of her! Her other vids are on pages 1 & 2 of the Butts & Thighs Sections. It was still summertime when I filmed this video, but I just found the raw footage again recently. On this particular day I'd gone out to the bike shop to get my bicycle fixed. I had to walk it. Sure, it was the middle of a heat wave, but I thought I could make it. Well, when I got there, I discovered that the shop had MOVED and there was some karate class building in it's place! I was pretty mad... and on top of that I was actually dizzy from the heat. I thought I might pass out, so I went to Wal-Mart to cool off. So I was OK. Then I saw this woman and I thought I might pass out again! The way it was supposed to work was I was supposed to go get my bike fixed, then ride it to work to be there at 4 something for my 5pm shift. But because of how things were going I was at Wal-Mart at 5:30 pm, and that's exactly when I found her! So instead of riding off on the bike that was fixed by now to get there by 6, I called my boss again and said "Make it 6:30!" because I was filming for a long time!
21 sec 2.95 Mb 28 sec 3.7 Mb 512 sec 42.7 Mb
I think her thighs are better. Filming this fat chick's thighs for as long as I safely could. I wanted her again. I got her again. It's REAL shaky, but I got her again.
10 sec 1.02 Mb 45 sec 4.17 Mb 14 sec 1.37 Mb
Fat brickhouse teen and her brother get sent back for pasta by thier thick mother. Mother's waiting in line for them, so she's not in this clip, but you can see her in the other one. I usually leave teens alone, but I had to tape this one! I bet she's the Official Brick House of her school! And look at her mama! You can see where she gets it from! GREAT video! Flabby curves.
77 sec 10.5 Mb 376 sec 44.8 Mb 62 sec 8.53 Mb
The ASSociate working in The Thighs Department. OK, now that I caught the escaping thighs I can come back for these. Oh no! Juicy thighs are trying to escape before filming! After them!
22 sec 3.08 Mb 63 sec 7.37 Mb 25 sec 2.63 Mb
Thighs ahoy! A bit from the end of a shooting. Finally got her good from in front! Yeah!
32 sec 3.86 Mb 12 sec 1.59 Mb 14 sec 1.75 Mb
Came around on something big. I didn't follow her because I was waiting for something I never got. Can I AIM the camera?
5 sec 903 Kb 4 sec 528 Kb 59 sec 6.66 Mb
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