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320 sec 48.4 Mb 47 sec 11 Mb 50 sec 9.06 Mb
. . Okay, NOW I know why I taped this exactly Editing the raw clip this footage came from was more work than I felt like doing at the time, so I just wasn't into it enough to figure out why I taped this girl, or even if she deserved a video, and memory wasn't doing me any favors at the time either. I think I was up too late at night editing vids for blackstreetbbw, so I left this for the coming tommorrow, when I figured it out and was like, 'How did I not figure this out last night?!' I know part of it was not knowing which Site Section to rank her in, but I've got it all figured out now. You see which Section it's in, but enjoy the way her hips carry her bag, especially[to me!] from the above view!
320 sec 48.4 Mb 240 sec 55.8 Mb 60 sec 9.59 Mb
Saw her while the previous Big Thigh video was underway and asked 'Is she a visiting high school senior? Should I go over there and tape her while I'm waiting for my girl to finish talking and move?' . Didn't know whether to do this or not until I saw them hugging. Decided that if I just hug caution I should be okay.
47 sec 9.85 Mb 306 sec 64.8 Mb 64 sec 10.9 Mb
Seeing them from way off in the distance gave me more than enough time to prepare, even when you factor in that I didn't make the most perfect use of that time. Was the extra time ending of these girls I thought were college students heading to the university worth the extra time? . The video of yet another time where I spent forever on a Thigh Video waiting to get a good shot of the beautiful frontal view that had wowed my eyes but may or may not've been in the camera's eye. That first frontal really got me. I took a sip of water and got started, but I didn't really get it- not the way I wanted- so I simply had to keep trying, and once again, as with many of my Big Thigh Videos, I barely got the frontal I was waiting and trying so hard for. It was almost nice enough, that shot of her walking. I spent most of this video trying to get creative and make the most of the view without looking to weird, so I could enjoy what would be the best video of the day. Also as is usual, I have regrets with this video. The first of the two's that this video is fairly long with shaky offness and the second's that I got the bad idea to shift over to the side at the end and ended up missing the best part of the frontal I'd waited through her whole purchasing time to catch. The glare I caught at the end didn't cause any regrets because I expected it, although I still put some effort into beating it. Maybe I should've had a regret over that anyway, because I probably should've tried to redeem myself and add more variety to this clip and this site by taking the ending outside. Then I could've done a point-the-camera-behind-me-while-I-walk-in-front-of-her frontal, and although that's easy to make too messed up and shaky, I bet I could've pulled it off, truned my mistake before into a masterpiece, and then keep on strolling right off campus, knowing the security presence that had held me back earlier was behind me, still inside the student center.
At the time I typed this I'd been skipping over video descriptions because I'd been getting so behind with my posting and whatnot and had shifted to doing some of the descriptions as half assed tentative ones I'd have to go back and freshen up later. The site was starting to look a little tired to me because of that, and descriptions can be very time consuming and hard on the wrists normally, let alone when they pile up, so I was determined to write five descriptions today (the three on this row plus two in the Pregnant Section) that would be polished enough to call just about finished. Thing is, I didn't rewatch this video before I set to it, so I was like "I hope what I just remembered is what actually happened in this video, because I don't feel like going back and watching a video this long all again when I really want to just get today's stuff typed now!" I still had to rewatch some of it to pick out a vidcap though.
38 sec 5.62 Mb 59 sec 13.4 Mb 453 sec 53 Mb
. . Don't worry. This is not a sign that videos are about to go back to grainy.
164 sec 20.7 Mb 35 sec 3.55 Mb 42 sec 5.05 Mb
. Wasn't expecting a vid here, but that's why I carry my cam everywhere! Frontal time! See that bulge in the front of her thigh in the pic. It was pretty darn interesting, and I worked pretty darn hard to get it on tape right (from it's best angle- the front), only to fold under the pressure after failing and failing. I'd recently been busted in here pretty bad, so I just couldn't stick on her long enough to get past everything that was in my way then.
210 sec 26.2 Mb 27 sec 2.79 Mb 109 sec 17 Mb
I thought this vid was a failure from how it ended, but it wasn't. . As you might could see, she led me away from the woman I was following that stars in the previous video. I tried to get in close behind her and let you see her from my POV, but somehow the angle lacked the complete perfection that would've been neccessary to get it into 'darkness mode', so it would've worked better at catching and contrasting her leg rubbing if I'd left it alone. ...Or, I could've just slanted the cam a little different...
30 sec 4.72 Mb 53 sec 8.32 Mb 65 sec 8.89 Mb
. The money shot and length I wanted. There was a pregnant woman present here that I was trying to tape, but the thunder thigh champ clearly steals the show.
431 sec 65.4 Mb 49 sec 7.79 Mb 58 sec 7.87 Mb
Decided it was time to use the seldom-used 'round-the-world' technique I got as a suggestion from a viewer. Just didn't want to look too much like I was sizing her up so that's where the speed changes came from. You might've seen a 'played with' version of some of this footage in a preview. Really liked the way her thighs curved and were jointed. I think I was thinking about a combination of the soft cross of the legs and missed frontal of the previous video, even if I wasn't concious of it at the time. First of the new library series. Don't ya just love the soft cross of the legs? I tried- unsuccessfully- to round this out with a frontal.
146 sec 19 Mb 120 sec 16 Mb 160 sec 22.7 Mb
If you like watching nice, big thighs rub together from a head on perspective like I love to, you'll love the ending of this video! Nice shape, but too quick a quickie. I'm not the one calling her, but isn't it appropriate that someone's trying to hollar?
137 sec 23.7 Mb 5 sec 1.24 Mb 165 sec 33.6 Mb
As you can see, she was standing right there, so since I was testing out a new manner of equipping my camera, I gave her a spin. Don't you see something special in the shape of her thighs? So much thicker and hotter than I gave her credit for, but at least it's why I noticed her.
60 sec 8.86 Mb 124 sec 21.3 Mb 40 sec 7.88 Mb

Even though she didn't look that wary, she did. It's like, there was a whole bunch of wariness that could've been or not been, so I was extra careful with her and eventually just let her go before I got that front view I was going for. What is it about women with big thighs where they NEVER seem to let me get in front of them? I was using my camera differently too, with it attached to my belt, so maybe I looked a little different and that too was getting to me I split this file in two because the adding the little bit on the end doubled the projected final file size by jacking up the rest, so I had to leave it seperate this time. I don't remember what I was thinking on my way to Wal-Mart, but I remember what I was thinking upon entering it: "Hmm. There's a girl over there. Aagghh. She looks OKAY from here... Oh, the key word's are 'from here'. I guess I should go a little closer and see if she's hot or not since I'm in a semi-safe area of Wal-Mart that I haven't seriously taped in yet so I'll get some locational variety, but I bet I'll just end up walking right off into the store as soon as I get a shot." The point where YOU see her hotness is the point where I saw it! I did not notice it before the camera did like I usually do! I was in a semi-dumbstruck state when I realized what I'd stumbled upon and almost turned down. I was just like damn. Usually you see women with a lot of something and they have tits and no ass, or ass and no tits, but this girl had tits, and ass, and thighs, and, well, everything! This girl actually has BIG EVERYTHING! And she's a cute[enough to me and most of you] college girl so she's got a face too. And a nice voice. And probably nice behavior- it was nice enough how well she behaved for my secret candid camera, standing all up on her girlfriends and moving a little like that while paying zero point o one attention to me! For a second there I wondered if I might be in some danger filming here in the front of the store like this, but I was like "Nah. I'm not where most staffers can see me, and the greeter at the door inside's the guy I 'can trust', so I can do this. I just have to justify my standing right by these girls by looking out the window and at the machines as long as I can... no, until they leave." You can see most of what I was trying to accomplish by enjoying the shots I did, but you won't see how I was also trying to do some listening. They were renting DVDs from the new Wal-Mart DVD rental machine. I'd never noticed it before this. I have no idea how long it'd been in there, but I'm sure it was new. It was new enough to them, because they had to kind of figure it out. The thing here that really needs figuring out, though is why I couldn't keep the camera on this awesome girl more! The fact that it was VERY cold outside and we were by the door had nothing to do with it, but it did make the video a little better since she didn't have a huge jacket on for it. Although I did think enough about what I was doing to quickly adjust my shooting stretegy to get her reflection in the plastic of the machine instead of mine, I did such a wishy washy job of it in a way that I was looking at the edited version at one point and saying to my computer "You were supposed to be taping the girl's butt! Not Pooh's butt! Damn!" But for real though, you would barely notice the wishy washy not-boldness of this had I not told you, because every single shot of this video was perfect. Every one, from beginning to end... okay I did throw a few extra 'scenic-milliseconds'-to-show-you-where-I-was on to the beginning of the video... but you wouldn't've noticed those either were it not for the fact that perhaps I talk and share too much of what I was thinking with you. The only ACTUAL loss in this very very very very nice bbw video is the laughing moment I missed in the end, but then again, I actually was looking at the same thing the camera was at that poing, so not even I know what we were missing there, so maybe that part was nothing but a noisy thing that would ensure I spun back over quick enough to catch a panty line on thier way out. If that's the case then the only loss in this very very very very nice bbw video was the fact that these girls were on the way out instead of in!
181 sec 35.3 Mb 178 sec 27 Mb 491 sec 48.1 Mb
July 27th, 2008 update starts here. . You see how much difficulty I was had trying to get a walking front shot of the one you should see is the main one. What you don't see is what they were like in the back area of the store in that aisle at the part of the clip where you only catch glimpses of them that made me think they noticed me. Come to think of it, I didn't really see that either, because I usually try not to look at women I'm taping very closely, especially if I think I may be at risk of being noticed and/or caught!
420 sec 78.7 Mb 43 sec 6 Mb 100 sec 15.4 Mb
Squeezed up here because it was a squeeze. This video almost got to thirty seconds because I stretched a lull in case that was her voice Super Frontal Time! You know how I like head on fat thigh walk shots. Joyfully I made this. Had to edit it to get some things out though, but I knew I would. The curve of her exaggerates itself! I only made two raw vids of her, but I'd thought there was a third... but then it became sort of clear that there wasn't. You see that not-so-attractive fat girl I started on? I didn't want to give a video to someone like that, but it's because of her that I found this girl, so I didn't want to toss footage of someone like that, (That you should know by now if you've been around!) so I just put her stuff in here. I didn't make the following downish angles the way I'd planned on making them, so you get a good view but you don't see as much bubble bulge. Real funny... I just got a sense of Deja Vu while I was typing this description... like I'd already typed this video's description months ago... Oh and look! Here the video's time is listed as 2:29, but in the Butts Section it's listed as 2:28! Amazing trivia!
29 sec 4.68 Mb 40 sec 7.6 Mb 149 sec 22.5 Mb

Mature thighs SO thick. A mature man was over here in his powerchair talking about something that I heard, but I forgot about it because it had nothing to do with anything. I was paying attention to everything because, being near the front and at the jewelry counter, I was standing in a danger zone. I made sure I did some angling instead of holding still when she did (danger and subject quality were making it a little hard for me to hold my hand still!), then got out of there. I'd wanted to make more than one pic for this video, but knew making a vidcap folder would be to much, so I'd decided to post this video in the Large Section too, with a different pic just like I normally would when double-posting a video. Then I notcied that there were no Breast or Large videos in this update. I didn't want to have to say I only had one vid for that section, so I took this video back out of there and posted that other pic I wanted so badly here instead. I shouldn't've made a deal of even that size over this. I'm the webmaster for Pete's sake, so if I want to post two pics under one vid I can! I deserve it, and her thick fat thighs deserve that too! Several attempts at a good frontal shot. Her boys distracting her from me- even though I was close to them- was a good thing, and so was my surprise last chance at the end where I thought they'd already left the store, but nothing really beat the beginning walk. Too bad I didn't get up there fast enough to do the walking frontal that'd been my ultimate goal here. July 14th, 2008 update starts here. .
86 sec 11.4 Mb 86 sec 12.9 Mb 65 sec 11 Mb
They crossed the street for me, but I just crossed it for them! Now I'm sitting here on my bike behind this car parked on the sidewalk by the auto shop that I'd thought they might've been heading to wondering what to do. Feeling like it's my lucky day, I decide to pursue them, but I'll need to leave my bike once I get across the street. I'll leave it at the KFC and follow them around the store I just left if that's where they're going. Just can't follow too long now. I wanted to double Section post this, but there's just SO much thigh here under there that I couldn't do it. Speaking of thins I couldn't do, why couldn't I find a way to do this one even longer. I'd've been turning up the risk a little, but I really don't think an extra fifteen seconds would've hurt, and it's not like I was going to go back after the woman I'd just been talking to to do more REAL filming.
80 sec 13.4 Mb 124 sec 22.4 Mb 42 sec 5.53 Mb
It was SO cold outside that I'd just hopped on my bike and pedaled away from the house and I was cold already! I wouldn't always normally tape a girl just like this, but since she was in the neighborhood instead of the Wal-Mart, I figured I should try to get something good out of this bike ride and tape this thick girl walking down the sidewalk, knowing I had a long cold ride ahead of me. REALLY big red. I'll admit I could've typed a better descritpion if I'd rewatched this video one more time before I typed, but I think the pics say enough that all I need to tell you is what I was trying to do. I was trying to get a front shot while she was walking 'cause I loved the way her huge thighs squeezed past each other, and also a good from-the-floor shot. When I was on the floor in line behind her I wasn't aiming too low; I actually was aiming at her calves, but I aimed up in time to show a cool thigh rub before I had to get out of line to tape this huge pregnant woman. This vid would've ended sooner than that had this woman not walked right back to the front of the store to get in line so I could shoot more. July 11th, 2008 update starts here.
55 sec 10 Mb 54 sec 7.85 Mb 365 sec 49.3 Mb
Since she was over there looking nice enough to make a non-Wal-Mart quickie. I knew a quickie was all this should be, but I think I still pulled away too early.
233 sec 44.7 Mb 334 sec 48.3 Mb 13 sec 2.75 Mb
July 7th, 2008 update starts here. Looks like I'd come out of Wal-Mart with something interesting this time after all. It was a really dead trip, so it was okay to dedicate most of my card memory to this sighting. Also, I'd been using this card long enough without unloading it's contents to my computer that burning memory was something I was totally cool with. I figured she might expect me to act a little suspicious and I ducked around in the beginning, lest I go too far too early and make her mad and not be able to tape to the end. I spent the rest of the sighting 'browsing' the frozen food section, and I spent a lot of the early portion of that part thinking I was getting awesome footage of her leaning over her cart handle to talk to her fat girlfriend, only to find that my aim was all wrong then and I barely got that at all. The thing I put extra effort into getting that I did get was the audio. That pushing pushed this video into the Thighs Section too. I actually turned up the edited audio so you could maybe hear what's being said better as you stare at thier legs, but maybe you should turn your speakers up too. See if you can tell what thier talking about...
73 sec 11.3 Mb 145 sec 18.4 Mb 221 sec 27.1 Mb
Visually lost her onscreen at 21 seconds, but of course I knew where she was at the time, and camera finds her again right away. Thinking about it now, I really don't think there was any way I could have made this any longer than it is. It's the way her torso swayed as she took her steps that reeled me in. Couldn't make a Breast Clip obviously, but there was something unique here I just managed to capture. Her walk just looked different to me, and the woman in front of her she was with just looked out of place with her to me, like she was some kind of chaperone or something. Fourth of July '08 update starts here. .
76 sec 8.29 Mb 84 sec 12.2 Mb 49 sec 7.96 Mb
. . .
43 sec 7.91 Mb 64 sec 10.5 Mb 47 sec 8.66 Mb
. . .
11 sec 2 Mb 12 sec 1.82 Mb 27 sec 4.91 Mb
. . How could my descision to make this video have been so wrong if it felt so right? At least she was found again like I'd hoped.
20 sec 3.27 Mb 60 sec 8.85 Mb 44 sec 7.56 Mb
. . .
59 sec 10.1 Mb 37 sec 6.58 Mb 34 sec 4.94 Mb
Loved the beginning of this! Completely expecting them to have left the mall, I was surprised at the time, and at editing time, when I saw some more of them later. I had to remake the final video to get the additional footage I found later in there. June 26th, 2008 update starts here. An interesting camera twirl of this thick woman in a tight area starts at fifteen seconds. There should've been more to this video shouldn't there've? Her shape couldn't hook me hard enough for me to make much of a vid of her with the star of 'Do you remember this woman?' behind me, but her shape would not allow me to part with this shot either.
82 sec 12.1 Mb 37 sec 5.67 Mb 3 sec 575 Kb
She did plenty of walking around and was pretty occupied with her son there, so I figured that if I stalked her good then left her alone, I'd come back with a great and risky (due to the following of her) vid, and get away with it scott-free. I like the way this one's raw file cuts look and sound. The making of a short, non-edited .ASF video. Injured bbw. Nice vid, but sad, because the best stuff is the stuff I didn't get together and get. No, I didn't capture her injury on tape. She obviously'd hurt herself somewhere else before and was shopping despite her limp. The sad part is I didn't stay close and steady enough while she was walking to properly do the limping segment. She's kind of big, so every time she came down there was a body-wide jiggle. Too bad I kind of wasn't able to calm down and aim extra steady (an absolute neccessity in jiggle vids), and didn't find the guts and patience I needed to properly tape her as she moved from her first stop, even though her giving me another shot as she limped away from there was guaranteed. Top it off with the beginning: The reason she was walking on that bad leg or foot in the first place was because she'd sat in the powerchair they'd provided, but couldn't figure it out or find the patience to do so, so she got back out of it, and I couldn't find the sense to have my cam ready as I entered the store and make up my mind and tape that.
151 sec 23 Mb 14 sec 2.06 Mb 108 sec 18.2 Mb
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