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One day I'm going to get in trouble for taping this woman. (Look on Page 3...) I wonder if I should have gotten a little more footage of her. I recorded enough footage to make a video, so I figured I may as well make one.
127 sec 14.8 Mb 14 sec 1.92 Mb 20 sec 2.43 Mb
I sure did find a lot of files to add to the large section. Pink pot belly. Wife of the kool aid man.
20 sec 2.37 Mb 16 sec 1.95 Mb 68 sec 5.97 Mb
Well rounded bbw. Look quick is that a beer belly. Many tiny looks at a thick chick.
38 sec 6.84 Mb 2 sec 670 Kb 72 sec 8.65 Mb
Busty red bbw. I guess having no sunlight from the ceiling window made the picture unusually grainy I spent this vid trying to get a better view of the woman in the back. Big & juicy shopping late at night.
27 sec 2.71 Mb 40 sec 4.16 Mb 83 sec 8.70 Mb
Yellow butt bbw. Two big breasted ssbbws were shopping together. This was the curvier one. Two big breasted ssbbws were shopping together. I think this was the older one.
5 sec 701 Kb 139 sec 16.8 Mb 38 sec 5.45 Mb
Yes that's a woman. Kinda thick bbw in a skirt. Big butt ssbbw.
32 sec 3.88 Mb 24 sec 3.23 Mb 79 sec 9.31 Mb
Decided what to think of her as I got closer. Fat girl applying for a job. I tried to learn how to adjust the focus no-look while filming up close but I turned the focus the wrong way. Posted this little vid just in case.
23 sec 2.83 Mb 35 sec 3.40 Mb 11 sec 1.14 Mb
I like the way this clip lights up as we go inside are her breasts big. This is the girl who busted me in that McDonald's video before, so she already knew what I was up to and told the woman with her to look. Otherwise I'd've taped her longer. I like the little flab on her back.
30 sec 3.32 Mb 20 sec 2.67 Mb 28 sec 3.60 Mb
Big beautiful close-up. Not that great, but I was happy I found this clip. December 19th, 2006 update starts here. Baby got back?
24 sec 2.72 Mb 16 sec 2.04 Mb 114 sec 13.6 Mb
Round two. Much better this time. She still seemed slightly wary, though. The first and the worst. November 16th 2006 update starts here. A plumper.
71 sec 8.35 Mb 34 sec 1.37 Mb 40 sec 4.81 Mb
Just a wee bit more. Is this another video that belongs in two categories, or just one? I was in 'poor filming condition' (physically, from having been out in the heat too long) so the camera's out of focus. At least I got it long enough.
13 sec 2.19 Mb 89 sec 12.5 Mb 239 sec 22.3 Mb
I'd just walked into the store on a super hot day and saw Jumbo Granny. I'd made a commitment to shoot longer vids... Hope this one's long enough for you. November 9 2006 Update starts here. Fat, and a bit curvy. This group of three's all that came out of one vid.
71 sec 14.1 Mb 16 sec 1.74 Mb 21 sec 3.76 Mb
I'd seen a woman let her boobies rest on her basket's handlebars... but her belly? I'd've taped a little while longer but her man busted me. I saw that coming, too. Damn she's heavy. Nice chubby girl, AND I got the downblouse I was standing behind her for!
17 sec 2.41 Mb 26 sec 2.59 Mb 81 sec 12.4 Mb
A shot I'd wanted coming up from long range. Biggirlwithbigtitties. This BBW deserved a quick filming.
35 sec 4.24 Mb 24 sec 2.93 Mb 41 sec 7.07 Mb
Flabby curves. Trying to get a good shot when it seemed like she wouldn't let me. Is she just a fat girl?
62 sec 8.53 Mb 20 sec 2.89 Mb 27 sec 3.49 Mb
Came around on something big. Taped her long enough. Might as well've made a clip. Stopped to watch the big woman work again.
5 sec 903 Kb 58 sec 7.47 Mb 58 sec 6.66 Mb
One more look. Bye. Red and a little fuzzy. October 21st, 2006 update starts here. Two fat chicks to look up and down. OK... maybe not two...
6 sec 1.16 Mb 43 sec 4.93 Mb 81 sec 6.86 Mb
Chased her right out of the store. October 11th, 2006 update starts here. What a wide woman!! Final blurs.
49 sec 4.13 Mb 24 sec 1.97 Mb 14 sec 1.1 Mb
Red juicy one. Close encounters of the fat kind. I'll bet she looked at the camera and then at me as she rode by briefly.
83 sec 5.89 Mb 11 sec 862 Kb 2 sec 221 Kb
Bring out the fatter one! This is the woman I taped in clips like "Got milk?" and "I love it when big titters drop things" (On Page 1 of the Breasts Section.), only this time with sound. I think she recognized me and tried to hide or escape or something, and they thought it was funny. Big girl. Big thighs. Funny camera. Have you ever seen a woman in a power chair and a thong?! I aimed too high and she's too dark for you to see much of it, but trust me, it was there.
14 sec 1.02 Mb 23 sec 1.68 Mb 45 sec 3.8 Mb
I shot this woman because she was leaning over her basket. She just didn't lean long enough. She had big breasts, but she was so big... she's just... big. First they looked this big. Then they didn't.
7 sec 674 Kb 14 sec 2.16 Mb 31 sec 4.52 Mb
Big Belly beginning. Big hip end. Peeping tom video of BBW cleaning. Guy's girl's butt.
52 sec 4.41 Mb 29 sec 2.38 Mb 47 sec 3.97 Mb
Big hangin' out a power chair. Two more Healthy ones. Cool and shapely BBW.
9 sec 877 Kb 15 sec 1.3 Mb 36 sec 3.09 Mb
Funny fat girls. A 'big' family with little girls dancing in the way. October 4 2006 update starts here. Just making sure I had her on film.
24 sec 2.05 Mb 46 sec 3.89 Mb 19 sec 1.72 Mb
I was just slowly walking by with the camera pointed off to that side. She was there so long, she was still in the same exact area every time I came back by it. I think she was looking for an alternative to the BBW Breast Enlargement supplements she obviously normally buys, that were out of stock. Aware 300 pounder.
3 sec 330 Kb 38 sec 3.42 Mb 10 sec 909 Kb
A BBW and some looking around. No, she's not pregnant. She's just fat! Wanted to see even more reaching- especially down.
18 sec 1.55 Mb 27 sec 2.35 Mb 38 sec 3.22 Mb
Red apple. I wasn't following them. They kept moving around me! Cool BBW with friend. One of them almost got this clip into the Breast Section, too.
13 sec 1.2 Mb 104 sec 8.75 Mb 47 sec 3.97 Mb
Massive woman walk-by. The chicks behind her are (I figured you noticed 'em and said: "why didn't he tape THEM!?) in an a clip I posted before, in the breast section, called are they really that big or REALLY THAT BIG?! Very beautiful, but very brief. Just looked in and wondered how much she must weigh.
16 sec 1.42 Mb 8 sec 737 Kb 4 sec 440 Kb
I'd've taped her more while I walked beside her, but I thought I heard one of the guys with her say something like: "That guy has a secret camera." Look at the weird folds on her thighs. September 5 2006 update starts here. Just lookin' all around.
37 sec 3.19 Mb 82 sec 6.83 Mb 48 sec 4.19 Mb
Fat employee works hard to affix a sticker to the other side of the glass. I put the camera down to offer to help her, but she did it. The brief moment where her big breast rubs the cart handle is the purpose of this. Well... that and the fact that she practically has to use her titties to push the basket 'cause they're too big! Walked past a plumper.
20 sec 1.79 Mb 20 sec 1.75 Mb 8 sec 791 Kb
This girl noticed I was filming her, but all she did was ask me how old I was. She didn't say, or do, anything else, but I know she busted me! She knew I was up to something. BBWs over there.
89 sec 7.49 Mb 45 sec 3.96 Mb 18 sec 1.58 Mb
Her flaps are hanging on the counter!!! Very mature and very wide. Hope she was good enough the first time, because here's an encore!
15 sec 1.3 Mb 42 sec 3.45 Mb 46 sec 3.9 Mb
Big beautiful close-up. Not that great but I was happy I found this clip. December 19th, 2006 update starts here.
24 sec 2.72 Mb 16 sec 2.04 Mb
Her butt's good. Just enough of a girl who's just fat enough. Teen with extremely wide butt. I'd've filmed her more but I didn't want her mom to get suspicious!
7 sec 643 Kb 12 sec 1.07 Mb 59 sec 4.96 Mb
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