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Hippy girl and her thick red friend. The whole family was there and the camera rolled anyway. Two big girls in white tops and blue jeans- one big butt!
45 sec 5.07 Mb 136 sec 15.3 Mb 211 sec 28 Mb
I really liked the shape of the top of her thighs. Grey sweats I just had to catch. Just a little bending in line.
78 sec 10.5 Mb 32 sec 4.32 Mb 22 sec 2.72 Mb
I almost cut this because of the end. Big blue bulging butt surprise. One day I'm going to get in trouble for taping this woman. (Look on Page 3 of the Large Section...)
6 sec 1.01 Mb 7 sec 904 Kb 127 sec 14.8 Mb
I stopped filming her becuase she reminded me of my grandma- but she's not my grandma! Taping her conversations with men. Hourglass figure!
23 sec 2.72 Mb 139 sec 21.3 Mb 199 sec 37.8 Mb
Too bad I only noticed her once. Big & juicy shopping late at night. Little butt in white pants.
3 sec 506 Kb 83 sec 8.7 Mb 24 sec 2.91 Mb
Whoa! If it weren't for the guy with her I'd've worked even harder at filming her. Two big breasted ssbbws were shopping together this was the curvier one. Pink. Kinda big butt. Worth watching.
106 sec 12.1 Mb 139 sec 16.8 Mb 77 sec 10 Mb
Cute lil' girl with nice hip. Twice she apologized for being so distracted by her phone that she was standing in my way! Big butt ssbbw. The purpose of this very brief vid is watching that walkie talkie bounce. December 19th, 2006 update starts here.
97 sec 12.5 Mb 79 sec 9.31 Mb 6 sec 748 Kb
Baby got back? Hot Dog body. Mmm... wide... Yikes!... Flat! I'll go back behind her and pretend I didn't see that!
114 sec 13.6 Mb 90 sec 10.2 Mb 40 sec 4.71 Mb
Trying hard to make this one work. I suppose a LITTLE chase wouldn't hurt. Round two. She still seemed slightly wary though.
44 sec 10.1 Mb 14 sec 1.83 Mb 71 sec 8.35 Mb
Just kinda wanted to tape this girl. I couldn't do this update without this clip. I'm glad I waited there. There's so much red in this vid it's like she's trying to camoflauge herself. November 16th, 2006 update starts here. Sorry the color's funny in the latter part of this clip. The footage was just too good for me to cut out! I guess all that footage of all that jiggly a$$ was more than my video reciever could handle.
34 sec 3.04 Mb 22 sec 3.77 Mb 225 sec 35.4 Mb
Hey... I remember filming this one! Tasty enough! It's just the way she was standing.
50 sec 7.68 Mb 39 sec 4.99 Mb 17 sec 2.78 Mb
Clip's half great. Sorry, but I lost the footage of her walking all the way outside. It wasn't until I stopped doing profile filming and got her from behind that I realized how good she was.
13 sec 1.83 Mb 28 sec 2.44 Mb 137 sec 11.5 Mb
A little sloppy but with a big butt. Worth taping on my way somewhere else. A GREAT way to kill a little time. Pull up! Pull up!
19 sec 3.02 Mb 94 sec 14.5 Mb 120 sec 14.5 Mb
Her's is big enough. November 9th, 2006 Update starts here. She was sitting there on the phone with her back turned, so...
I move the camera around periodically for the entire length of this clip, so if you want another angle, don't close the video, just jump around in it. I'd seen her there earlier but it hadn't 'clicked' at first: She'd been sitting there for a LONG time! Eavesdropping while filming, I found out that she'd locked her keys in the car, her boyfriend had her spare keys, and he was being a pain by deliberately not answering his phone. She could have gotten a ride to the person she was talking to's place to stay the night if she had to, but she seemed EXCESSIVELY worried about what would happen to her car if she left it in the parking lot. If she'd just needed some money for cab fare I'd have given it to her, but I asked her: "I was kind of listening to your conversation. Are you stuck without a ride or stuck without a key?" And she said it was the key, just like I'd thought, and I left. I should've gotten a shot from the front on the way out, huh?
Grabbing something on the way out.
23 sec 3.71 Mb 255 sec 20.8 Mb 16 sec 1.69 Mb
Two I missed. Didn't get much, but I had to add her. Buns that tried to escape.
3 sec 1.74 Mb 5 sec 817 Kb 21 sec 2.95 Mb
Quick juicy stuff. Her and her girls again! My fourth, and hopefully not final sighting of her! Her other vids are on pages 1 & 2 of the Butts & Thighs Sections. It was still summertime when I filmed this video, but I just found the raw footage again recently. On this particular day I'd gone out to the bike shop to get my bicycle fixed. I had to walk it. Sure, it was the middle of a heat wave, but I thought I could make it. Well, when I got there, I discovered that the shop had MOVED and there was some karate class building in it's place! I was pretty mad... and on top of that I was actually dizzy from the heat. I thought I might pass out, so I went to Wal-Mart to cool off. So I was OK. Then I saw this woman and I thought I might pass out again! The way it was supposed to work was I was supposed to go get my bike fixed, then ride it to work to be there at 4 something for my 5pm shift. But because of how things were going I was at Wal-Mart at 5:30 pm, and that's exactly when I found her! So instead of riding off on the bike that was fixed by now to get there by 6, I called my boss again and said "Make it 6:30!" because I was filming for a long time! I finally wizened up for the site's first anniversary and made MEMBER'S VIDCAPS for this video! Which one was I taping again? I can't remember.
22 sec 3.11 Mb 512 sec 42.7 Mb 14 sec 1.33 Mb
Whoa! Surprise! Just a 'lil sweet booty that came along. I wanted her again. I got her again. It's REAL shaky, but I got her again.
30 sec 3.61 Mb 18 sec 1.8 Mb 14 sec 1.37 Mb
Fat brickhouse teen and her brother get sent back for pasta by thier thick mother. Mother's waiting in line for them, so she's not in this clip, but you can see her in the other one. Big sweet hips I had to leave for the next girl. You can see her in the distance at the end of the clip. Just imagine...
77 sec 10.5 Mb 42 sec 6.24 Mb 18 sec 1.69 Mb
I usually leave teens alone, but I had to tape this one! I bet she's the Official Brick House of her school! And look at her mama! You can see where she gets it from! GREAT VIDEO! Just took a long shot at that over there. Grandma Wideass. Plus a ton of bonus surveillance.
376 sec 44.8 Mb 14 sec 1.8 Mb 140 sec 15.8 Mb
OK, now that I caught the escaping thighs I can come back for these. Phoenix clip. It dies and is reborn from it's own ashes. Trying to get a good shot when it seemed like she wouldn't let me.
63 sec 7.37 Mb 62 sec 9.7 Mb 20 sec 2.89 Mb
Useful aim this time. A surprise in the bread corner. Too bad I didn't have a lot of time to spend there. Needed more of that skirt. Plus I needed something hot to look at in the brief time between sightings!
28 sec 3.7 Mb 13 sec 1.66 Mb 24 sec 3.5 Mb
Stopped to watch the big woman work again. Where was I aiming?! I love that skirt.
58 sec 6.66 Mb 32 sec 3.72 Mb 91 sec 12.3 Mb
Pass the baton. Not long enough. October 21st, 2006 update starts here. I still can't believe she was that 'hippy'!
224 sec 27.6 Mb 5 sec 542 Kb 15 sec 1.3 Mb
Delicious, and available in the frozen food section! Poor thing. She's nothing but T & A. This clip's real jittery because her boyfriend always seemed to 'catch' me every time I tried to aim the camera down. Guess what else? Speaking of the camera, I looked down at it when I was done and noticed something was missing. My camera's wireless antenna had been a little too positionable lately, and it broke off right after I finished this shoot! I had to hurry back and find it since it just looked like a little piece of trash on the floor. The little girl was standing in a slow line about 9 inches away from it, but I managed to reach down and get it without getting trouble. Then I just put it right back in the hole it fell out of and it worked! (Of course!) Grrr... If that little fat girl doesn't get out of the way...
96 sec 8.07 Mb 132 sec 11.1 Mb 83 sec 7.02 Mb
WHOA MAMA! There's a lot going on in this clip! October 11th, 2006 update starts here. She and her fat friend must have followed me here from the mall! I was just about to leave when they showed up! Looks like I'd have to bring my groceries back into the store for a minute! This was also the very last clip I shot with my temporary camera. Goodbye sound! Goodbye better picture in lower light but with pixelation added! GOODBYE NINE FRAMES PER SECOND VIDEOS! Hello $100 refund! Two chicks. One hip. One thigh.
219 sec 18.3 Mb 74 sec 5.18 Mb 36 sec 2.55 Mb
Stop to look at a pokey butt. Weird rushed clip. Since the first clip I shot of her with my new and temporary camera was so good I figured I'd better go back for another pass because I'd need more than just a test clip.
16 sec 1.16 Mb 24 sec 1.79 Mb 19 sec 1.21 Mb
I'd recorded this woman before, months ago, but this clip, my second clip ever with my temporary camera and sound, was so much better. It was only a test clip, though. The last of the weird wide green woman. Her little girl leans on her butt!!! Can you believe that?! I'd been filming this woman all throughout the store. In the grocery section on the other side the woman's friend asked me "Excuse me, are we in your way?" I was thinking: they noticed me. I said "No." The woman's friend said "Well, everywhere we go you're always near us. You'll have to step away from us sir." and the woman with the big butt added, as the little girl was leaning her elbow on the woman's big butt "Yeah. Go find somebody else to look at." Sadly enough, I can't show you that moment because the plug to my video recorder from the video reciever was broken during my trip. I lost SO much good footage because of that.
11 sec 776 Kb 38 sec 3.26 Mb 81 sec 6.5 Mb
Sexy green blob? A long juicy journey across Wal-Mart. I could only look for 5 seconds 'cause I saw somethin' off on the right.
50 sec 4.16 Mb 368 sec 30.1 Mb 5 sec 622 Kb
Had to cut the camera on in time. Watch that skirt sway. Big Belly beginning. Big hip end.
6 sec 1.27 Mb 54 sec 7.75 Mb 52 sec 4.41 Mb
She bent over many times, mainly because the baby (he must have been on my side) kept throwing things onto the floor for her to bend over for. Too bad I didn't get all those times on film. More distant views. Trying to get some more decent footage.
42 sec 4.36 Mb 25 sec 2.16 Mb 23 sec 2.03 Mb
I wasn't planning on waiting for her to leave, but it's as if she wanted me to. The big butted one walks off. This video's TIGHT! Average ass... I wish!
21 sec 3.85 Mb 29 sec 2.48 Mb 16 sec 1.45 Mb
This time with some close-ups. It looks a lot better from her right side. She just came right past behind me. When she pulled her shirt I decided to leave her alone.
54 sec 4.58 Mb 54 sec 4.58 Mb 17 sec 1.49 Mb
What a wide woman! A BBW and an ass. Changed my mind and decided to shoot boy and his mom.
24 sec 1.97 Mb 27 sec 2.42 Mb 30 sec 2.61 Mb
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