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Yes, I was talking to her. This is the Big Breasts Video of the November 11th, 2007 update. The bend just got just for. Boy magnet.
272 sec 30 Mb 18 sec 4.18 Mb 94 sec 19.6 Mb
SsbBreastW. November 8th, 2007 update starts here. Only got one bounce. She kept turning away, and I had almost no battery life left. Going for the deodoranty stuff.
93 sec 18.6 Mb 144 sec 26.3 Mb 85 sec 18.8 Mb

Topheavy bbws should look like this. I saw who this video was going to be about right away, but since I 'd need to shoot her from in front, I wouldn't be able to really follow her around a lot once I started getting the shots I needed (because she'd be able to see me in front of her all the time, of course), so I tried to make the beginning of this video Butt and Thigh stuff and shoot her girlfriend. I think that in the middle of the video she's describing the upcoming motion of a ride she'd been watching at the part where she twirls her hand around, probably trying to justify not getting on it to a skeptical friend. As they left she said "I participated! I got on two rides and played a game.". VIDCAPS FOR MEMBERS!! She was pregnant, but I spent the entire time trying to tape the bouncing of her bust. The slow motion at the end REALLY did the trick. I was a little hesitant to raise the camera enough because, even though I finally had a video reciever reliable enough to enable that, I didn't want to look too funny walking by her like that so much with her immediate family there together. I think that every single part of this video is cool, though. Every single part, without exception. Lots of VIDCAPS! Huge breasts, but not enough lower body shape. Later on I noticed she'd gotten some food on her shirt, and wondered if she'd noticed because it was kind of under her breast. I kind of wonder that with a lot of women: getting food under her breast must be like getting it under her nose. It's literally right under her nose but she'll never notice it without a mirror. I tried to look at the first part and the second part to see if she got it on there while she was out of my sight for a while, but I don't think the camera noticed that little mark either, so now we'll never know. VIDCAPS!! October 16th, 2007 update starts here.
609 sec 130 Mb 573 sec 106 Mb 144 sec 34.1 Mb

Huge flats. ...Unusual breast shape? I had to stop the recording because I was being escorted away by police (See the guy in the picture? I think he was a sherrif or something.). The whole story is too long to post here, so you can download it as a small text file! VIDCAPS! The official quickie of the carnival. Didn't remember her counting money until I edited the clip. I ran up against some challenges, but I knew when I was filming this I had a 'movie' on my hands. I made some adjustments in an attempt to improve the picture quality of the latter part of the video, the adjustments just might've made things worse, though... for the video yes, but not for it's picture quality. How could that be? I'll tell you in a second in the story of the video. I decided to do something unique for this Movie's seperate parts. It consists of footage of four different women that would've had too much overlap if I'd given each her own video, so since all four of them were breast subjects, I combined all of thier videos to make this Movie. That helps keep things interesting over the course of it's roughly 20 minute run time, and lent itself to a different kind of splitting. For this one, if you don't want to download the entire Movie pick the woman you like most and just download her perspective. The perspectives are listed below in the same order the pictures above are shown in. If you want the whole movie, though, you'd be better off just doing the huge download this time. If that will take too long over your connection download other videos you want to watch first so you can come back and watch them while you wait for this big download.
Perspective 1
Perspective 2
Perspective 3
Perspective 4
182 sec 30.6 Mb 9 sec 1.72 Mb 1292 sec 155 Mb
Nice colorful quickie to begin filming in the store off. October 1st, 2007 update starts here. Super lean. It was all in her lean. Even though she spent so much time in her poses, I couldn't resist making VIDCAPS for everybody. Large woman with a pretty bust. September 16th, 2007 update starts here.
13 sec 2.97 Mb 361 sec 41.6 Mb 42 sec 6.71 Mb
All the people in this video are people I know! In the first part of the video (pictured) she's talking to my neighbor, who was just a little drunk. I thinks she was talking about getting something from him, and the conversation was nowhere near as confrontational as it looked. my landlord and the subject woman's husband were also there! And when she sits down on the step, yeah she's talking to me. This actually ISN'T one of those clips I wish I had audio for, but I did wish the camera'd focused on her a little brighter when she was bending over to sit down. I'd realized I'd left my keys back inside my apartment, so I left to go get them while people were still around so I wouldn't get locked out of the complex trying to do this, and the second part begins when I get back and sit next to her. At that point she was talking to me about fishing- can you tell? I'd had a lot of trouble with my video reciever while I was making this video. You can't really tell that from the look of the video, but it meant I was fooling around with my equipment enough that I decided to keep the recorder and reciever where I could reach them easier. That way, when this other guy I know, (who's not shown) who was also a little drunk, showed up as I was heading back in he'd notice my recorder and ask: "You got a dvd player in there?" I replied: "No" (the truth! Not the whole truth, but nothing but the truth!). I figured since I know the woman I shouldn't make vidcaps to have floating around the internet, even if she is computer illiterate, and since the video is so big and long, slow motion and repeats would be unneccesary. The First Anniversary Update, the largest update to date, ends here. Breast suit. A baddish clip. Just a woman laying down over there. This was my ultra-futile attempt to partially make up for not filming the Titty Queen laying down. And yes, I know I misspelled 'down' in the filename. Did I just misspell misspelled and misspell?
573 sec 100 Mb 95 sec 21.8 Mb 191 sec 25.8 Mb

Areolas BARELY covered! At one point, I think I saw one. This is also one of those clips that needed some audio so you could hear the woman's conversation. She was a gay girl talking about some girl who told her she wanted her last name. "That's some stalker shit" she said. I thought "No, what I'M doing is some stalker shit!" I believe that after she was screened for fitness it turned out that she wouldn't be able to donate any blood plasma today, and before she was screened she went up to ask about her friend's eligability. I believe that answer turned out to be negative also, but that's why she gets up and sits back down during the video, giving us the chance to really watch her Baby Phat necklace almost get lost between her breasts. I was being brave during this video, fighting back mild fear to film this. This video came out really dark in the middle, but it came out so well at the ends, and it'd've (it would have :) ) probably had an even better end had she been able to make it to the back and donate. Big woman. Not too busty. Just bustily dressed. When this woman caught me unprepared before I thought I'd never ever get to tape her. She was coming out of the 7-Eleven right as I was going in, and my camera and I weren't ready. It took me too long to make the decision to turn the camera on at a time when time was so short and I missed the chance to get her big heavy tits and very heavy walking on tape. Of course the tits would have been the best part of the video, but it was that heavy walk I lamented missing most because that kind of I'm-so-heavy-and-heavily-busty-I've-got-to-go-onto-blackstreetbbw walk she was doing was something I didn't have on the site anywhere yet. She actually had a tough time going DOWN steps! Well, that was then and this is now! She was moving around just fine today, (So I still haven't got the kind of lumbering/struggling/walking she'd been doing the time I'd watched sadly as I stupidly let her walk off) and I was ready with the camera and decision making today, so today... I got her! And I'd thought on the above described day about how I might never see her again! Turns out the decision making part wasn't even neccessary because the camera was already rolling- I was turning to stop it when I saw her- from the Sexy red dress led video! That video turned out to be worth SO much more than I thought it'd be worth! And I'd debated shooting it! I'm glad I decided to follow her over to the bus station so I could find this woman... I guess that means there was a 'good decision making part' to this video after all!
I followed her through the bus station, waiting outside the restroom for her, and over to the 7-Eleven, letting her go to the store first, then walking over to enter. I was going to look for her once I'd walked in, but she walked in front of me. I didn't really tape her shopping because she spent almost all of her time with her tits bulging on and over and around the counter as she talked to the clerk about somebody in 7-Eleven she didn't like. My first little thought was that that person might be me, but I very quickly labeled that as paranoia. She was complaining about an employee she'd had to deal with another time. As they were talking my previous paranoia powered thought got me a little self consious over the way I was filming her, so my mind was on making sure I was hovering well. Anyway, the clerk said something satisfactory to the woman, thier conversation ended, and so did this video, but not before I got the chance to see the rolls on her back when she stopped before leaving!
I had to make member VIDCAPS of this one!
672 sec 115 Mb 95 sec 18.3 Mb 457 sec 84.5 Mb
Little fleeting glances. This was the best video I'd ever shot in the dark. It amazed me! I was on my way out of the building when I realized I wasn't leaving fast enough- I had to catch up with a big girl! The woman in black had been in a little argument with the greeter at the door who tried to tell her store policy meant she wasn't allowed to take a powerchair out into the parking lot. She was saying that the woman was just trying to pick on her with a lie. The arguement had to end early because an old woman came up and politely asked if she could use the powerchair, and of course she kindly said yes.
This video left me in such a state of optimism I had second thoughts about leaving. I thought I should go back into the store for a few minutes more because tonight was my lucky night. Wrong thought! Do you want to read the brief story of how I almost got banned from Wal-Mart? If you do, here it is!
I think he said something funny about me. Watch her laugh. I'm nowhere near that funny (Can't you tell from the descriptions I type?), but her first laugh is so hard she has to hold her breasts to keep her bra straps from breaking.
8 sec 1.05 Mb 38 sec 4.17 Mb 79 sec 11.9 Mb

Just a tiny cleavage look she was doing something. Watch it flicker in, then watch her shop for a mop. Two quick pairs of tits.
5 sec 880 Kb 103 sec 14.3 Mb 10 sec 2.87 Mb
Really cautiously trying to get a little look at her bounce her possesion in her pocket. The first thing saw after the camera was blurred during the 'So close to the shape I'd always wanted' video. Mad cause I missed the best part of this- her climbing the shelf. She only went up a little, though.
98 sec 12.5 Mb 6 sec 997 Kb 28 sec 6.57 Mb
Not sure why she was running. Why do I remember shooting this so long ago? Trying to find this white guy's girlfriend's boobs.
43 sec 10.3 Mb 32 sec 6.44 Mb 47 sec 9.48 Mb
Happy 'L' girl who always had her back turned to me. Short, but it's the better part. More motion. Thought her breasts were even bigger.
153 sec 33.3 Mb 37 sec 8.68 Mb 47 sec 11.1 Mb
I knew better then to stand up front for too long, but I just had to come back for more. What I came back for didn't even turn out very well because the girl didn't do anything, I didn't get a great angle, and the camera battery had JUST crossed the low battery line. I was leaving the girl for a quick second to go to the water fountain but I was pinned where I was by exiting customers. I had a bad feeling about my being stuck there for a few extra seconds that turned out to be justified moments after I got it. The cashier turned from ringing up to say "Can I help you?!" As you probably guessed, with that exclamation point being there, that she didn't say that very politely. I politely answered though: "No. I'm just trying to get through all these people to the water fountain." When you're doing what I do and you hang around people who are working you learn that 'May I help you?' is usually an early warning that you're about to cross the 'too much' line. Skill and technique can put it off for a while, but it still usually means you're getting close to the line. When I was taping women one night and saw a Wal-Mart employee snitching away to a police officer she's the one that was doing it. That means she's a snitch and a bitch. Just a really good angle. I could see right off she wasn't going to be the world's best subject, but I did somehow see that this was going to be a cool video. It turned out really good considering the camera battery was starting to get low, and it's got some cool moments, despite other camera issues. There's a part in the video where the slow motion clearly runs longer than it needs to. That's because of this annoying glitch in Windows Movie Maker 2 that can make the slow motion effect proceed from the clip you put it on onto the next clip if the two would've been completely continuous when placed one after the other. It's all justified by what caused me to use the slo-mo in the first place, though. I didn't realize how well I was actually doing with the angle at the end of the video, so I spent too much time checking and rechecking the footage that was coming in. Even though the downward angle I was doing resting my camera arm on that gift card display thing was one that usually hurt the picture quality and file size of the video, that stuff wasn't happening this time, so there was no need to do all the checking I did- this time.
43 sec 5.58 Mb 26 sec 3.5 Mb 145 sec 17.1 Mb
Breasts and thighs outside. Couldnt find thighs inside. The breasts are what caught my attention, but the thighs were what was worth following. Absolutely busted. A little ways into this video the girl I was focusing on started to look like she was hiding behind the other girl, and it only took a minute for me to find out that that was more than just a thing that just SEEMED true. I got busted to the highest degree filming this woman here, because she actually noticed my hidden camera, and said to her friends "That guy's got a secret camera!" and the guys said "Who?" and she said "That guy over there!" I'd been having one of the greatest trips to Wal-Mart ever and had been wondering when to stop. Now I had my answer! I left a bit of extra video on the end of this one so you can see that since she started talking about my camera as I walked by her... well, that was it- I kept right on walking! I'd grabbed some groceries while I was there and was heading back for them so I could make a beeline for the checkout and get out of there, when I noticed the guys were trailing me. The way they were doing it suggested it was powered more by curiosity than rage, but uncertainty over whether I'd be able to get out smooth without ditching my groceries was starting to build. I wanted that stuff, so when the guys stopped looking I bought it. As walked out the door I thought I'd make it without running into them, but when I heard a man say "Hey man. Let me get a copy of that video." I turned, realizing I was wrong. Ah, well. At least I didn't get in any trouble. Despite the fact that her butt's the first thing you see, her breasts had more to do with why I was taping her.
26 sec 4.8 Mb 63 sec 10.1 Mb 79 sec 12.7 Mb
Changed my mind. Are they uneven? Bad clip. Just wanted you to see what I was going for. Good. Dark cleavage. Saw her over five times. Thought she was leaving the first time and that that was okay because I'd gotten the best shot. I swear I made more VIDCAPS of her! I couldn't even find the one I wanted to use for the rep pic among the ones I made.
16 sec 1.85 Mb 12 sec 2.5 Mb 66 sec 13.8 Mb
My glasses really did need to be straightened back out, so I justified my standing by her in the Wal-Mart optometry place by handing them over to the staff to have thier frames straightened. You don't need glasses to see things that big!!! Why'd I make this one? In the checkout. The first part is the ass part. The rest is the titty part. VIDCAPS for members!
45 sec 7.32 Mb 92 sec 18 Mb 416 sec 82.9 Mb

Wonder what a young black girl is doing shopping with an older oriental lady. The camera didn't want to work right from a higer elevation, as usuall, but this video wouldn't've been worth anything if I didn't get the camera a higher than normal view, so instead of keeping the little bag I keep my video reciever and recorder in where I usually have it, I carried it in my hand to keep it near the camera so the video signal wouldn't have to radiate so far. At the point in the video pictured I actually had the bag sitting on a shelf! VIDCAPS for members. Not a bad video, but not worth the high degree of risk associated with shooting it because I just couldn't catch the jiggle I started it for. Slightly funny shaped big girl and friends in the pharmacy section. The video flickered a little dark, but it worked.
108 sec 23.8 Mb 47 sec 7.24 Mb 127 sec 25 Mb
Little bit of poppin'. Stay steady and wait. And stay steady. Look at the VIDCAPS members. The night was going so well I got distracted away from THIS! How'd I forget to come back for more?
8 sec 927 Kb 195 sec 33.8 Mb 16 sec 3.62 Mb
During 'Short Stuff'. (member) VIDCAPS Mostly got what would have been bad angles had it not been for her nice, sexy, curvy figure. Saw another woman there, too, that I probably shouldn't've taped. This video's got the same beginning as that one. That woman's the one who led me into the store to see this one, though. I was real interested in the way her tits were trying to stick out over the counter in this one.
158 sec 36.4 Mb 62 sec 14.8 Mb 97 sec 20.4 Mb
Too timidly shot to get the best shot. The camera was giving me some trouble again, but I tossed out eveything unclear and kept trying to get as close as possible to my goal. The surprising part about this video was that I didn't even notice the girl with the breasts at first! I lost a little footage, but the little moments of her I captured more than made up for that. I didn't even notice the way she pulled up her tits at one point because I was being stealthy, pointing the camera but not my eyes! I rearranged the video equipment so I was holding it all in a little bag instead of wearing it on me to get the higher up shots at the end because the video reciever was doing an awful job of picking up the signal for shots when I was holding the camera up in the air. I wanted to hold the reciever up there right along with the camera to make sure I finally got one. I even tried doing that from behind her, but I couldn't really do that! When I did that well enough I finally stopped trying to follow this fairly mobile group around the store. As for the one with the thighs (the leader of the trio?), I lost much more footage of her, but what's left is enough. I decided to VIDCAP this little video for the member's sake. That way you can see all the small moments as stills. Real glad I saw her checking out because I wasn't going to chase her. I didn't want to hang in this spot for too long and get seen so I went off to the water fountain and came back by for a final pass.
115 sec 22.9 Mb 141 sec 26.3 Mb 42 sec 9 Mb
As you can see, she uses her breasts to steer her powerchair! :)~ Didn't tape her as long as I wanted to because she was too close to the front registers and she was too short; she was eye level with the camera so even though I had it covered the way I often do I think she saw under that and noticed it. That's why I backed off from the first part. I was glad to see her again when I was standing in line, though. Yeah, she was pregnant (The one in the green).
45 sec 5.56 Mb 26 sec 6.24 Mb 75 sec 12.4 Mb
This girl said she was from miami. Bouncing bbw breasts in super slow motion. Lots of repeating, too, so you only have to watch it once to get all the great benefit! I did a little editing experiment at the end of the video, too. Maybe I'll do that again sometime. Might need to. Top heavy chub.
14 sec 1.69 Mb 222 sec 36.5 Mb 21 sec 5.2 Mb
Just a real little somethin' I followed with another little girl at the beginning. I was trying to get the little bit of bounce she had without holding the camera up. Bosom buddy break. Close up!!! Bosom buddies. This little video needed accompanying VIDCAPS, so members, check 'em out.
47 sec 9.19 Mb 20 sec 4.24 Mb 48 sec 11.4 Mb
If it were not for this video I don't know what I'd've done at the end of the day as a result of the heartbreak clip I shot earlier. This clip came out so well! This was the closest I'd ever STAYED shooting a Big Breast Video! Of course I've been close like this before, but what I did shooting this made the part at the end of this clip the closest I'd ever actually held the camera in position in front of a girl to shoot her breasts. And speaking of breasts, they sure were big! Add them in to her nice soft body and you have a beautiful, beautiful video! (She had no butt, though, so I turned away when she did!). It looked like this video was going to be a rough one at first, because I couldn't get into a good position in the crowd, and the problems I was having with video reception were stopping me from holding the camera up over the crowd, but as soon as I got to a good spot things started off with a bang! As soon as the view got clear brothaman moved in to hug her. I can't get enough of that part because it was like he was doing some kind of now-you-see-it-now-you-don't magic trick! I mean, he had his hand on her breast when he was hugging her and it looked pretty big, but then when he pulled it away you got to see how huge it really was! Plus that part's educational becuase if you didn't know the proper way to hug a big breasted bbw now you will know how to do it :) . There was this girl showing her nipples through her shirt as she walked by in the middle that you'll probably want to look at too if you like breasts. Then for the rest it was so nice to just be able to collect all that cleavage in such a clear video after the heartbreaking clip I mentioned a second ago. I can't remember what whe was saying, but I think this video might've been nice with a little audio. Great VIDCAPS for you members! Best breast quickie ever. Lots of repetition. Heartbreak! The story's in this text file. The VIDCAPS are in this file.
192 sec 41.3 Mb 34 sec 4.14 Mb 292 sec 68.3 Mb
Almost made the VIDCAPS for non-members, too. Skinny poppers. Buying dairy products. The complete sighting consisted of five raw videos. One of them was way too short and distant to make a video of, but, as I'm sure you have sense enough to know, I couldn't throw any viewable footage of a woman like this away, so I tagged it on to the very end of this video.
43 sec 9.7 Mb 6 sec 778 Kb 74 sec 16.9 Mb
Her girlfriend tries to get a vid of her own. At this point I was wondering if the main one'd noticed me, but I wasn't ready to stop just yet. I was thinking about it, though. And speaking of her girlfriend... do you think that might be her GIRLFRIEND girlfriend...? Pretending to be browsing through the meats right here while I videotape her massive tits. Deja Vu? Loved the way she was leaning and reaching. I wasn't quite finding what she was looking for, so she stopped to talk to one of the meat department associates. With her doing that, I REALLY should have taped her harder then instead of backing away. I just about missed her stretching because I did that! This video really could have been the one to go to for standing head-on footage of her. Don't think it came out bad, though! The tasty leaning and reaching she did that I taped make this a must see! At times you have to say "She's turned away and wearing a big t-shirt, and STILL her tits look HUMONGOUS! Big bend! This video came at a tough time in the life of my camera and my filming. One so tough I was actually thinking of pulling the plug on the site. This video was the miracle that permanently ressurected my passion for candid filming! Had this video not done that... would another have come along to do it? MANY VIDCAPS for members!
84 sec 19.8 Mb 99 sec 20 Mb 283 sec 63.8 Mb
I'd gotten all I could from the other side, so now it was time to wait for her to leave. I know distance shots aren't the most fun, but it was nice seeing her lean on the cart's handlebar from there. When she finished paying the video went out, so the part where she actually said "Where's security when you need 'em?" isn't on tape. It's all good though, because I obviously didn't walk her all the way to the door and past the security guard once I heard her say that! I still don't really think she really knew just what I was up to. I REALLY wanted to hold the camera up higher, but I couldn't because it wasn't working right. I think my struggling with it might've gotten her attention, but it sure didn't ruin the video! (It did make the filesize a little too big, though.) I put all the VIDCAPS of my sighting of her into one member .zip folder. Could this be my final video of this woman, my ex-boss? It certainly is the darkest, but only because my camera battery was almost too low to use. It worked, though. The clip came out dark but clear.
78 sec 10.7 Mb 113 sec 24 Mb 129 sec 17.2 Mb
Was the chase worth it? NO idea why I didn't tape these lovebirds longer. Not worth chasing, but definately worth waiting for!
15 sec 3.27 Mb 55 sec 11.9 Mb 18 sec 4.3 Mb
I've never really seen a woman scratching so openly at her clevage, not that I got very much of that on tape. Squareboobs. Right as I got in line to leave she walked in, so I got out of line, left the shopping cart and pursued her, even though my batteries were too dead to do that. Bad clip kept for the ending's sake.
159 sec 35.2 Mb 23 sec 3.39 Mb 52 sec 15 Mb
Followed her all the way across for another shot chance. She was obviously wearing no bra. Got what I could, but she didn't make it easy. Bustily walks in.
68 sec 16.1 Mb 42 sec 10 Mb 31 sec 7.26 Mb
Thought about using nothing but a slow motion run of this pass-by, but then I thought you could really appreciate this happy little[big] one more at several speeds. Through the screen. Looked a little exotic racially. Did you have to raise your baby then?
57 sec 8.84 Mb 5 sec 864 Kb 11 sec 1.89 Mb
A dark head turner. Nice bounce! Not bad for such a short clip. She just walked right by.
18 sec 2.18 Mb 16 sec 3.58 Mb 5 sec 1.21 Mb
Looked at the recording immediately after making it. Did I get the moment? Yes! Here she is applying for a job now that I don't work here any more. The best part of this video is in the fact that if you pay just a little attention to it (which you surely will!) you'll notice that she can barely see her job application over herself! She actually has to press down on her boobs to see over them with that coat, and even without it in the way she can still barely see the paper. Maybe that's why she's applying for a job at McDonald's now- she failed school becuase she couldn't see anything on her desk! If she does get the job, she won't be able to work on the grill because she'll burn the bottoms of her breasts, she won't be able to make sandwiches because her tits'll be in the way, and she might fall out the drive-thru window trying to hang a bag out of it with hangers like that! I'll probably never know if she got the job or not, and that might be good, because I'll be mad if she gets it now and I never get the chance to work with her! And speaking of working, the camera worked really good considering the shape it was in. I couldn't raise it up higher anywhere near as easily as I'd've liked to, and it did almost go out on me several times, forcing me to retune the video reciever, but it got the job done. Having to get it in tune made me miss the beginning when she was standing up (I saw her then and actually thought this was going to be a Big Thighs Video!) and little fractions of moments that came later. It made the file size of this video a bit too big, but I'd pretty much gotten everything good about her that I could've (She was never without her jacket, so no I didn't miss that!) by the end of this really long video. I wonder what she really thought of my being there when I was done eating but still there. In fact I'd moved my bag over there from the table I'd been eating at on the other end of the store to sit by her. I'd thought of making vidcaps, but there weren't a lot of Kodak moments- just the camera trying to roll smoothly for as long as possible. Just so you know, the main part of the video doesn't start until the 2 minute mark. I thought I fixed the camera! Why did it start acting up again? Oh well. At least I got this important bbw moment on tape. I'd wanted to combine this video and the last one of her to make this the only single video on the site shot on two different days, but that wouldn't've made a whole lot of sense so I didn't do it, except for the member vidcaps. I'd 'fixed' my equipment the night before, so I was suprised and angry when it started to short again already while I was trying to get this. At least I managed to get this senseless act of violence on tape! That's what matters! I re-fixed the camera after this. This .zip folder also contains the VIDCAPS for the previous video of her on Page 4.
81 sec 14.1 Mb 590 sec 129 Mb 80 sec 16 Mb
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