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. . Are you wondering why I didn't put this in the Hips Section, too?
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I think the thing was in her walk. 97% of this nice baby bounce vid came from one file, the one I shot inside the store, so I practically could've posted that .ASF file as the complete video. But, I just had to keep the outdoor, notice-her footage in, so I made the edited main version like I normally would and offer the unedited version for download as well. A huge set of videos began with this! It wasn't that good, but it was a nice woman, in a nice position, in a nice place. You've never seen this place on this site before, have you? I love getting big things started with a vid in a new location I happened to go by, or one I that's practically new. It's like a good omen or something. This is an old folks apartment.
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Unedited Version 146 sec 23.4 Mb
30 sec 5.29 Mb
This story with an interesting ending got a little too long, after all, so it's available as a text file if you want to read it. If you like my stories, you might. Raw File 1 Raw File 2 Raw File 3 Raw File 4 Raw File 5 There is no raw file 6. Raw File 7 Raw File 8 Member's VIDCAPS! Lovely walk at the opening. Just lovely. I wish thunder thigh women would move their carts that way when I'm trying to get frontal footage! If the white girl in the video that started before this had done that, the surprise ending would've been the grand finale I'd been waiting for! I thought about making vidcaps for this, and I would've if this video never had a dull moment, but there was a distant valley in between the great peak points of this video, so I let decided to take the easy path and not make them. I also thought about dedicating a video to that woman in the black spandex. I remember looking at her while taping the woman this video's about, and I remember exchanging a few words with her too. She was in a pretty good mood and she was pretty big, but her shape was a little lacking. I passed on later opportunities to tape her, so I had to pass on giving her that video of hers. Not the kind of woman I normally tape, but I couldn't turn those bare fleshy thighs down. Not with the lovely shape those had! Nope. I would've switched to the black ones I saw, but these were bigger, and better shaped. Don't you love their extra bulge on the front top inside, and the subtle ridges on the inside rear? That's why I didn't switch to any of the black bare thighs I encountered while filiming this. You even get to see some butt cheeks if you wait until the end of the first round! For most of the second round, I was waiting for them to turn around and walk toward me so I could get another frontal shot like the one this clip opens with, but I didnt even get something similar until the surprise end shot. I'm not saying surprise because it was great. It was literally a surprise, because shooting the second round already'd taken some debating, and I'd called off the hunt by then. Raw File 1
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Did this for the sake of skin too. There was nothing I could've done with her without skin. Raw File 1 It took way too much to get in front of her, and my efforts to try and make this into a booty theme video failed. Had to follow her over to the danger zone (front register area) fo the sake of thick skin. Okay, thick woman's skin.
47 sec 6.49 Mb 138 sec 19.5 Mb 41 sec 5.21 Mb
I really just wanted the camera to get a decent look at what he was doing with her before, rubbing her thighs while she rocked back and forth. Yes, it did dawn on me that maybe he'd get mad if he or she caught me. It was definitely blackstreetbbw time! I was having a ball! As you can likely tell, I just couldn't get enough of that shot I did from below her where she walked right by me. The jiggling in this was pretty decent too, but when I tried to get in and get more of it, things started getting more difficult. I got looked back at, so from that point out I had to ease up and stop simply following or standing around her all the time. Still got some good stuff after that point, but you'll see I was acting like things were tougher. A lot of times when things get like that I'll only get more footage of her if I actually run into her again by chance, or I'll walk by her, walk away, and then come back to her. There were other women around the store for me to tape, so that stuff actually happened naturally! I didn't have to walk away for no reason, pretending there was one, because there was one, and then I could come back. No faking required.
I need to tell you the off-camera story behind this video though, because that's the part you won't see. I'd been taping this woman for The Breasts Section when I saw her hotness from out the corner of my eye from a long way off. That's why the video's first moment is what it is. Then, while I was over there in the baby department (the first place I caught up with her) I'm taping her when some women I know walk up on me! This young woman from my previous job and her mother were shopping, and you can hear the young one call out to me, so I had to stop for a minute to go talk to her. This girl knew I had a website where I made money off candid videos of big women, but she didn't know the name of the site, and her mom didn't even know that much. Since she was there when I got fired from the job we once shared, and since we're black (you know, black people often don't have jobs), she asked "Are you working?" I said, "Yep. In fact, I'm working right now." She gave me a slightly confused look. I smiled at her and added (very softly so her mother wouldn't hear) "Go look around the corner. Don't say nothin' Just look." She peeked around the shelf and saw the big ass woman I was taping and came back trying not to laugh to hard. She knew what was going on! Her mother didn't so she was like "What is it? I wanna laugh too!" I just said it was nothing but silliness, and that was enough. When I ended the conversation a little early, she understood it was because I had money to go make!
Raw File 4
You can't see because I failed to do this right, but she really did have a nice front view. I didn't want to stay out front there with her though, and I really did think I'd gotten enough accomplished to walk into the store. Little did I know that girl with the big, but inferior (IMO) thighs stepped in the way.
153 sec 21.1 Mb 450 sec 68 Mb 20 sec 2.47 Mb
Not sure why I chose to ride around this back way as I made my merry way down the road, rather than along the main street, but I'm glad I did! I think I was thinking about a good feeling I was having about bbw on that fine warm day. With no idea what was in store for me that day, I was so totally right! The day turned out awesome, and it started out right back here! The flaws here were pretty minor, mainly me approaching too late, then over correcting it by coming up too fast. I eliminated what would've been further error by making sure I taped her passing me, rather than going back to try and pass her, or just call the video done. I don't like the way the very end went, but only because my angle was off enough to show me in the window there, neccessitating an edit out of a little of her video. That last bike pass just wasn't good enough to be worth all the time it'd take to edit me out, or keeping myself in. With the lady being the size she was and having a fat friend with her, should I have double posted this video? This vid was based on a fun enough idea, and good enough for posting, but the women and points of view at the end of this mildly challenging vid weren't good enough to justify all the editing I would've had to do to squeeze every frame I had of them into this video, so a little of them's lost. I showed way too badly in the windows at hat part, so I would've had to use very time consuming, frame-by-frame editing to get myself out of their shot. This post post office vid (shot right after leaving the post office LOL) was intended to be about the hottie sitting on the car, but I didn't feel like the final product'd be good enough if I tried to cordon both women out of the two video files (one from each passby attempt) they shared that went into making this, and off into seperate vids. If you ever feel the need to tell anyone about how much effort I put into this site, remember to tell them I even shoot candids in the rain, because I even shoot candids in the rain! Can't remember exactly why I was out, but whatever it was, it was important enough, or I wouldn't've been out at 7-Eleven to be there to see this worker woman getting drenched on her way home from the shipyard. Now I got the chance to have the most fun I'd had with a woman in the rain that I can remember! Took my mind off being wet and put it on the backs of this lady's thighs before they got all wet so you can enjoy the wet/dry jeans contrast. You can also enjoy watching her hop through puddles and such that mother nature's torrents of rain were just making. I felt like I must've been failing to get her jeans to look the way I wanted them to on camera, but clearly, when you look at the screencaps and video footage, this washed up video was anything but! It's a complete success. Remember to tell people I even carry my camera when the forecast is horrible, and I even videotape thick women in the rain!
87 sec 13 Mb 240 sec 8.03 Mb 215 sec 29.1 Mb
Came upon this woman, then I came upon the store manager. Since he greeted me and asked if I needed help with anything, I left the store. It's always good to do that in this business when someone who works there does that.. Another Thigh Video I was thinking I might've shot well enough to post without editing, but I showed in it somewhere towards the end, so I had to edit it all. Took advantage of that fact to throw in one simple repetition of this little fatty. Had she been taller, I'd've posted this in The Large Section, but then maybe the little down views wouldn't've turned out as well as they did. Considering he relative mediocrity of what I was working with, I was always happy with the way this vid turned out, especially when you throw in the 'locational facts': It's a place I'd never filmed a woman in before I don't think. Well, I think I did it once, back with my classic camera. I'd've been even more excited about this video if I could've just posted it straight, but I took advantage of editing when I found I had to do it. Came away fairly confident I wouldn't have to edit this clip 'o leanin', but it's a .wmv file, rather than an .ASF file, meaning I it had to be edited after all because there was a little too much stuff I totally didn't want in the raw video. Turned out that way mainly because I decided late to turn around for that later pass when I saw this latina leaning sexily there.
33 sec 4.93 Mb 240 sec 31.6 Mb 69 sec 7.64 Mb
Of all the Big Thigh Videos where I spent 'all day' trying for a frontal, this one was unique, because the woman wasn't moving and I still couldn't get the shot! I didn't hang around her, waiting, to pump up the video length- even though I probably should have!- because there were security, and other women around, so I moved in and out. Felt like that cost me some good shot quality. Then there was that woman in the black pants inthe background. I'd wanted to seperate these two women with shooting and editing, but there was just too much over lapping video and audio for that to go right, so I combined thier videos into one. I'd originally made a goof in editing the ending of this! I was standing there being looked at by security, and the dumb thing that came out of my mouth was "Looks like it's just about time to go." I Felt stupid saying that, I'm glad I caught it in time to get it out, and the fact it was there's why I decided to hang so much tail footage on the end of this video. I got a lot of isolated things to say about this video, and I don't know how to tie them all together, so I won't even try. Something about this woman's leg fat must've been weird or different or something, 'cause it jiggled around an extra lot. You can't really see too much of the wildest of it becaus she didn't move the way or ammount I wanted her to, so I went a little nuts with replaying the best part. I usually go easy on double slow motion, but I'm reall pleased with what it did there. Did I go overboard with the repititions there though? Did you ever download any of my vidcaps too, and/or notice that certain regularly occurring key frames are much sharper than the rest of the frames? You'll probably notice one of those in this live video now becaus it comes along in the double slow motion part. You can also enjoy the big movement of all that soft fat before that because the rear view of her leg mushing's good too. Before that though, you have to watch footage that was trying to et into the Other Section, or somewhere. I like the way a female back can slant backwards a lot. Female spines have more curve to them I guess, and 'backslant' can be attractive, so that's what I was going for with that first subject. You probably needed me to tell you that though, because that guy with her'd never let me see the best of her. Then there was that woman at thirty seconds... got there too late to get anything out of her. But I don't think she was worth it anyway, so I ended all of this and went for the real, main woman I'd just discovered with the big fat thighs, over there getting info help on how to find out if and when Target'd have her item. I learned about Target's stuff about getting out-of-stock items from local stores that day while I watched for her thigh to stick out forward and meet her basket. I've never worn headphones while re-watching a video o type the description before, but it seemed like the headphones were making the voices clearer. The headphones had some extra bass, so I knew they made it sound like there was an airplane or something rumbling outside. I was eargerly waiting for the times she'd walk, hoping for a better look at her fat movement. This video came out real well with her wearing black pants, and since I'd thrown two other women's footage, there was this other woman over here in black pants (why do I keep wanting to type 'blacks' pants on my keyboard for these white women?) I'd wanted to toss in here from the next video, but the footage overlapped too much with that woman's video for me to make this the one receptacle for all of the wanted-to-make-a-video-of-her footage. Trying to remember to keep this unedited (.ASF video format), hip-line-crease Thigh Vid steady.
154 sec 19.7 Mb 318 sec 24.3 Mb 64 sec 8.37 Mb
Almost didn't do this! Glad I did! Trying to stay out of trouble by paying attention to what was on the shelf, rather than the boobage, I messed this video out of the Breasts Section, but I still adjusted the cam as I went well enough to still come back with exactly what I wanted to without missing anything. I ended up coming back with more footage than I was going for, so I had to edit this video to get all of it together. This raw .ASF file's the way the video would've turned out otherwise. Thought the squat stuff'd be all that was worth it here after I changed my mind after weak frontal shot, but when I saw her again later, I found the sense and the way to really make the end count. I don't know if anyone really noticed her in the frame in the distance when I did that little shot in between the aisle scenes and the main part at the end. Raw File 1 I so forgot this video I couldn't even type a proper description for it. I just remember being in a little bit of a hurry to leave the mall, and that explains why this video turned out short and all, like it did.
88 sec 13.8 Mb 275 sec 24.3 Mb 36 sec 4.12 Mb
. Despite the name of the file and pic, my beautiful bike was not stolen from this spot. It was stolen eventually a year or so later, but I was talking about my filming spot being "stolen" because this dude standing outside with us moved into it. My beautiful bike was just parked in the background. Around this time I was thinking about how much I should be taping this thickie. If I know where a woman works, how much taping her is too much? I think I skipped over this video and found it quickly, before it was doomed to be forgotten, and before I had to worry about to move too many files to get this video in the right place chronologically. I know I had to do a lot of special editing before I could upload. Do you like the part where it looks like the camera could've been swept up?
275 sec 30.1 Mb 235 sec 34.2 Mb 247 sec 34.6 Mb
She peeked into the specialty-ish video store before going into the other store. How did I not make something more out of something this amazing!? HOW?! If I could find more matures like this, I'd be able to launch whitestreetbbw for crying out loud! Raw File 1 She's got a big butt. It's not the biggest in the world, the internet, or even the blackstreetbbw collection, but her butt was even bigger than I could originally believe. Like, for real. This's one of the first women I blogged about. I picked her for her size, her thunder thighs, the fun I had doing the early angles, watching her approach, and pass me from off across the store, (I love it when thick, thunder thigh women do that, because it gives me the best frontal type shot- one I keep going for with thighs that rub together- possible, plus that rear view you like! ;) ) and because she was around the first really hot woman I found in this not-so-hot bbw spot that's a lot closer to my home than the ghetto Wal-Mart. Remember, I was going to two different Wal-Marts at this point. 'Ghetto'/primary Wal-Mart where most of the videos on this website to date are from, and my 'backup' Wal-Mart that I hit up along with the mall out there from time to time. I didn't know it at the time, but I had thought about it at the time... going to the Wal-Mart out by Virginia Beach. Look for vids from there soon! They're good! Raw File 1
48 sec 7.01 Mb 87 sec 9.17 Mb 669 sec 90.6 Mb
Aagghh! I was here in 'backup' Wal-Mart for a whole hour and this was the only bbw I'd found! Ugh. That's why this is the backup Wal-Mart for me. It's nice sometimes, especially when I came here for Xmas, but in general, it's not worth trip out at all, let alone the extra-long trip I had to go out of my way to make to get here. I'd just go to this one when I wanted to get out of the house and stay out. I'd've stayed out of this store though, if I'd known things'd be this bad! Not that this woman's bad though! Not at all! Look at that hourglass! If you're looking at this in the Thighs Section this videos one spot out of place to the right because I made an extra wide pic for this, and somehow dumbness turned on inside of me that caused me to think the pic'd actually line up with the stretch pic below that 'makes this one web page suitable' for wider/HD monitors. When I realized the lovely pics of this lovely woman just made the page so much wider than her hips that it was just not displayable for monitors narrower than her waist, I moved it. I actually don't wish I'd moved my self after her after she turned that corner, because with all the time I'm spent in this store with sore eyes waiting, I didn't have the energy, or safety level left to pursue a bbw of this quality that was with a male, and perhaps on to me... maybe. She was sexy, yes, but I was tired with tired feet, and I just needed to see a thick woman to make all the wasted time worth it so I could beat it before the staff took notice of how long I'd been walking around. Shot exclusively for the botty rub squishy press, so it wasn't double-posted. I wasn't going to be able to donate any blood plasma today, or anytime soon, so no money for that. There was good news though. There were thighs that were good for plasma spread out on a donation bed in front of me! Snuck off my seat and over to the waiting area for a sec, then snuck back it time to take care of today's business and leave early. File 1 Raw
108 sec 20 Mb 24 sec 3.17 Mb 21 sec 2.49 Mb
Passing through the bus stop, I saw thighs so thick and beautiful, they shot the possibly of the pregnant friend getting her video completely down. Do you even notice her? I barely did. I didn't really care much about getting to know my neighbors, since none of them were cool bbws, so I guess I don't know, but I think this woman here was my neighbor! There's a lot of room for improvement because of the state of mind I was in when making this candid clip, but luckily I was able to get it to work out in the juicy, jello-ey end! Old legs that took way too long to edit.
84 sec 16.7 Mb 108 sec 20 Mb 25 sec 1.79 Mb
Just trying to show you help you notice the little bit of thigh jiggle she had going on. Fat worker making pizza. This isn't a Thigh Video! It's a booty video! I was too busy thinking about the frontal shot I was getting and shooting a video I wouldn't have to edit to even notice. Those pants are packed like crazy, and her thighs are so thick she walks a little funny! This video absolutely had to stop when it did because she doesn't like people walking behind her. How do I know? She said so! She just said it to the kid instead of me. Listen to the very, very end of the clip.
183 sec 24.6 Mb 52 sec 7.64 Mb 61 sec 9.37 Mb
Just had to get that angle. Finally removed the raw file links for the video right below this from this space. This woman left me close enough to speechless that there're really only two things I can say about this. One, I stopped taping her when I did because she walked into the danger zone of the store- the front. A number of the employees in the store know what I come for, so it's good to not tape women there any more if I don't need to to get enough good footage of whem. Two... I wish I'd spent more time beside her. If things'd been different in that way (Then I would've been able to pay full attention to her rear end when I was behind her, rather than dividing my attention between taping her behind and calculating a route to pass around slowly enough to the front and back behind again), then the whole video would look as good as the best instants do. At least I didn't have to edit it, so you can see this exactly how it looked and sounded fresh out of my recorder. You might understand all this better after you watch this very, very beautiful candid bbw video. Raw File 2 I fixed the link for this video! After all this time, the link no longer points to the video below this. The problem of finding the file to fix the HTML error was confounded by the fact that this is a raw video, so it's picture's name doesn't coincide with the video's name at all. Throw in how far back it was that this vid was taped, and there was a possiblilty the video wasn't even in the folder edited and posted videos go in on my hard drive, even though I knew it was on the blackstreetbbw server. Then, finding it would take a while, but I could still do it. I know I keep the original filename on the end when I rename raw videos for posting, so, after playing around with the little yellow windows XP search dog like an easily-entertained idiot, I searched for that info and found the results, but which file from the results was it? A lot of times I don't like it when folders full of media automatically display in thumbnail mode because it takes longer, but by the time I got peeved enough to think about it, I got the benefit of that view. The video of a white woman in a black top and white pants! That's which video it is! More time was saved. Makes up for the time I wasted playing with that stupid dog, like a moron. The video has been saved, so you can finally watch it now. And now I know that I need to keep on copying raw videos into the folder all the other posted videos go in, just in case this happens again or something.
24 sec 3.52 Mb 84 sec 14.1 Mb 25 sec 4.39 Mb
Had to get something thick from my one and only visit to Sam's Club, so I got this. Sam's Club doesn't even want you coming in the door if you're not a member of the store, so I had to get a guest pass just for them to let me inside. Raw File 1 Raw File 2 When she puts her right leg in front of her left, it's magical. Gotta apologize for the things I missed in the bus station, but the part outside it was awesome. Outside Raw File Inside Raw File
129 sec 29.1 Mb 27 sec 4.26 Mb 181 sec 40.7 Mb
She's not a standout woman with any standout traits, but she was showing skin, so I had to tape her. Is this a Breast Video or a Thigh Video? Breast or thigh? Breast or thigh... It's A Thigh Video. I can tell this was the first vid on the card because it's numbered 0001. Duh. So there I was happily shooting those fat sitting thighs in that library event/meeting room from too far away, knowing it was too far away. This was yet another instance of me being excited about starting a fresh memory card in a fresh place. Meats service was way too slow. Like she said at the end, she could've killed the cow herself and still gotten the meat faster, so she gave up on waiting, but not before giving me plenty of time to check out every detail of her fatty legs! A little cellulite and varicose vein for ya. This was one of the tiny handful of blackstreetbbw videos I felt a need to share with someone long before posting it here. Have you ever been to the Fat Curvy Stories blog? I sent this video to him as an offering to get him to make a post on blackstreetbbw. Took him a long time to get to my email, reply and then make the post, but it gave me a traffic spike.
161 sec 25.8 Mb 13 sec 1.23 Mb 368 sec 54.5 Mb
A big pregnant woman shopping in the mall, who happened to be talking about her baby shower. Took a long time, but I finally found the vidcap for this. Didn't think I'd even made it, so I kept putting the fix off because I didn't feel like going through vid this length to make a good one. Then, while I was looking for the file to fix a simple mistake I'd made in the file info- something I could fix even in a lazy mood- I got lucky and found the jpeg name was actually the same as the video name, so finding it was so easy it happened by accident! Now you can just look at this and tell it's a video about very bare thighs walking down the mall. Pink thunder thigh hourglass shopping with her mom and some other young female, around graduation time. I was wondering if that woman following her through the mall and getting in my way was her mother or not, when she called her 'mom' and showed her how she should walk. They collectively noticed something was up with me pretty early on, I think, and I'm positive they were laughing at a little joke she cracked about me when they turned into a store. That's almost half the reason the video cuts there. I assumed they'd be proceeding the same way through the mall to continue to other stores, so I positioned myself way ahead to give myself plenty space and time to get another big, juicy pass like I got at the start, when I first noticed her from real far off and got ready. Unfortunately, that big first pass was the only big thing I wanted that I got. They took a turn on that approach I was waiting for, and I didn't see it right away. I saw them leave the store, then I looked down, back up, and they'd veered about out of view, leaving me to find them and play catch-up. Then there was the once-in-a-long-time shot I 98% missed that happened in the shoe store. I knew if I followed them into the shoe store and stood there I'd set something off I didn't want to, so I stood outside behind them... and missed something very important! I saw it coming, like the deer in the road right before it gets hit, but I could not get around fast enough. I saw her backing up to that chair with the too-narrow looking armrests and it hit me. She was about to show us all how a woman with her proportions slips into a chair with armrests too narrow! That magic act! I made sure I pointed the camera right at her to salvage what I could of the 'lesson'. She sat on the armrests, stopped a sec, then made the adjustment to slip her hips in! I'm sure that would be beautiful on camera. I've only seen a girl do that a number of times that I can remember that I can count on one hand. Maybe you were lucky enough to go to college with a bbw like that, or get one as a girlfriend so you could go buy one of those chairs so you could see this, and then see it every day. Not me. I felt I had to make up for that tragic loss somehow! There's no way I could've left without passing through the shoe store after the experience I'd just had, so I did the "suicide pass" move. I went right through the store to the other side, knowing that once I'd done that, I'd be forced to stop taping them. That sacrifice move gave me exactly the results I'd predicted. I got a nice enough look at her in the chair, and I got to hear the mother say something like "C'mon. Let's go. He really is following us." Stuff like that is what a suicide pass frequently does. To stay safe, I had to completely leave the mall.
114 sec 17.6 Mb 121 sec 16.7 Mb 276 sec 40.5 Mb

Worked hard on the black to get the white balance right. It was here that I found out this woman asks for money. I think I saw her here a time before this but didn't interact with her, but today I had a dollar to spare, so when she asked me for it- well, $1.80 actually- I figured it was worth it to give her that and sort of buy a video out of her. She asked me if I rode the bus around, and I told her no, 'cause that money adds up. I also answered no when she asked if I worked at the grocery store I'd just come out of. Didn't really need more of this white woman, but I need to see more white women kind of like this.
70 sec 10.4 Mb 101 sec 12.5 Mb 13 sec 1.97 Mb

Discipline on tape. Some people get off to women towering over everyone else as giantessess. I wonder if any of them get off to women just looming over their kids. I did more editing with the pic han I should have, so maybe now the page's too wide for most of you ecause of this, but maybe a picture this wide makes the page better for the quarter or so of people with wider monitors. I didn't edit the video at all, so it's another .ASF one. I don't know about you, but I think this is one of the hottest white girls I've ever seen in my life. (Not the absolute hottest though!) I suppose she could use some boobs, but since when do you get to have everything on the topand the bottom? It's a little too bad that you can't have everything of this girl that was available to me though, because I left her when the clip ends to follow a woman you probably care nothing for, and was unable to find this one again. You might want to use everyone's favorite word to use online, 'idiot', on me, but the choice wasn't all dumb. That was a good time to back off so as not to tip the women off, I just needed to come back quickly- you know- maybe wander up to them again 'by chance' in another aisle? Plus, then there'd be two or more raw clips to edit together, rather than having a single, unedited download for users to love. So it was a good 'idiot choice', I just needed to ignore that other woman pretty much and return to this woman. I almost editied this video anyway because of something I dread a little: A man asked me for the time. I was like "I don't have time to stop for this"! I don't like that because it really throws me off balance when someone walks up to me for something when I'm shooting a candid, 'cause it could be trouble! I also spent many a thought on making a spy camera watch using the equipment I had and my limited electronics skills... which of course led to the question of what the heck I was supposed to do if someone asked for the time? Say "Darn, my watch is broken."? No, in order to do it's job it'd need to tell time. I even bought a cheap time piece and housing for it to use with a cam I already had, but it never panned out. Good, because now I can just buy a spy camera watch when I get the money since they just became available. But yeah, I was gonna edit me telling the time out, but I left me in for the sake of the rest of the video, and it's an .ASF file because of it. So go now and enjoy the rest of the video, with all of it's wonderful angles of white hotness, now. It was a really hot out. Their crossing the street (Love the way she tried to run!) to head into that store gave me exactly the reason I needed to stop my summer bike ride right at this particular store, rather than head further down the road to one that was more familiar, and try and find something cheap, sweet and cold. I think the women must've been from Trinidad or Jamaica or someplace from what I was hearing. I dried the sweat off my face as I soaked up a little A/C, and walked out of this store I've only been in once with a candid and some Flavor-Ice to take home for freezing. I rememeber almost being bumped into by a woman I'd seen in the store when I did, although I didn't see any of her in the video when I rewatched it. I heard her though, about to comment on the heat as I squeezed a parting shot through the store window.
72 sec 11 Mb 214 sec 42 Mb 381 sec 69.7 Mb
McDonald's Street Thighs. This video features me following this Mickey D's employee girl across the street and onto her job. Following her over and watching her get set to work was fun for me with the way this video went. June 14th, 2009 Update starts here. Running a little errand in a faraway neighborhood, when I see a thick thighed local resident. Just her smoking this time. No talking, or much of anything else.
152 sec 28.4 Mb 38 sec 7.25 Mb 59 sec 9.81 Mb
In the name of the store and the flavor of her thigh shape. June 14th, 2009 update starts here. This was the very last video off the Spring Carnival memory cards. Figured I should go ahead and tape her standing there like that so th 2008's (yes, 2008) carnival shooting would end with a non-carnival video. She's too little for the Large Section because she's too short, and the size of her thigh's what caught my eyes, so here she is. Stuff I was going for here was her step down the curb- I always try to shoot for that, even if there's no real benefit. It's a thing I try to do, and the other thing I tried to go and do was find footage of her on a ramp to get on a ride that I had but can't find. She's not that amazing I guess, that I'm going to rack my brain and eyes and time struggling to find that mediocrity, so I guess I have to let it go. This is only about the second time in the history of blackstreetbbw that I can remember leaving footage of a woman out of her video when there was no pressing reason to edit it out. The other time was with a super long distance shot in the 2006 classic video 'Little butt in white pants'.
342 sec 80.2 Mb 22 sec 2.85 Mb 56 sec 12.8 Mb
Very sexy and shapely chocolate. I think maybe y'all here normally might like the women bigger than this, but I know there's no doubt you like this fine woman here. I know a lot peeps were talking good about her on my old (now deleted) YouTube channel. Real good. So her hotness cannot be denied. I was a little in denial at first, and you might can tell from how the early part of this vid is, but you probably can't tell just by looking at this page that I was like that, because three-hundred-and-fourty-two seconds is almost six minutes, baby! Got plenty of this one on tape here, and it's all good! A good enough way to start the carnival day. The angles and contrast worked like I wanted, even with her wearing black like this. Can't take the risk over such an ordinary woman, but I didn't have to edit, so... The Spring Carnival Update: Part 3 starts here.
342 sec 80.2 Mb 254 sec 51.9 Mb 26 sec 4.51 Mb
Unexpected bouncy sexiness. And look at how she has to look over herself to see those magazines down there. I was loving how that thunder thigh curved so nice from the right angle, sure, but was pleasantly surprised to see some bounce in it. I was also pleasantly surprised by another good candid subject this woman practially passed the baton to and tagged into the ring. I was happier then to see that bounce then see that next woman, the star of 'White Width', because I thought that her appearance at the end of this video'd meant I'd have to edit both videos, when I could've just posted both videos as the .ASFs they were when I shot them. That was an awefully dumb worry to have, because I could just edit her cameo here into 'White Width', then post this video as the .ASF I wanted it to be. Then I got to thinking, maybe I should've edited this one anyway so I could throw in some repition. Look at those thighs. Now to get that frontal... Great! Now I can leave the carnival happy. Couldn't really stay at the carnival much longer. Typed this at two in the morning, so I really couldn't stay at the keyboard much longer either. Fourteen seconds of fine.
76 sec 18.4 Mb 122 sec 19 Mb 14 sec 3.03 Mb
Shouldn't've made a this little movie, but there was simply too much of her not to. The shot you see is the shot this video was dedicated to. I spent a few moments trippin' over how shiny/stripey/weird the camera and sun made her pants look at different distances and all, and over how right when it first seemed like I'd get my shot this kid got in the way, and also over things in the distance in other footage that I thought were her. It's all good though, literally. Two good minutes, and then some. Thickness that I decided to make a vid for much later. Her showing the thinness of her pockets was a nice touch.
91 sec 21.3 Mb 148 sec 34.1 Mb 25 sec 5.84 Mb
A picture says a thousand words. What can I say about this light skinned shorty that I kept seeing? That she was on the side in the distance while I was filming an extra flabby armed woman at the beginning? Well, I had to re-finalize this video before I could upload it when I noticed that the bad habit's presence in the video caused me to forget and omit some good opening footage of this girl...... *returns to 'Thighs11.html after editing other html files*... I went looking for the exact file name I needed to put into my HMTL to make that member's area text cross link I just typed the tags for work and discovered that this video wasn't the only thing that needed a refinalizing... I couldn't find the video I was trying to link to at first because the seventh page of the Breasts Section was the Page I went to to scan for the pic to use to find the link info- because I forgot to put that video on that Page! I had to go back and refinalize the Carnival Part Two update on that Page! Okay, looks like this video has a little story now, so I'll quit typing this description and move on to the right and continue down the page... Nice start for day two! The Spring Carnival Update: Part 2 starts here. She looks thicker in the video that in this picture. I think that's because the eye is trained to assign more importance to height than width, and the pic was originally sideways. Well, whatever, this clip is good news for you, and the woman in it was just the right woman to lead me on an unplanned last walk around the carnival before dark. Even though the camera was a lot more cooperative than I thought it'd be under this lighting, it was time to go, so if she'd been too good, I'd've had to chase her 'till I couldn't chase her no more 'cause it was dark!
104 sec 23.5 Mb 176 sec 40.5 Mb 148 sec 26.4 Mb
Time for great views and great dancing! Well, pretty much. Just like last year's carnival dancing video, some easy shots were still off, and unlike last year, I had a reason to be off because there were distractions around, but just like with last year's clip, you'll probably be so happy to see it that you don't care very much. Oh yeah, and there's a lot more than just dancing to talk about here, so check this one off as a must-watch and watch it! Have fun watching her motion! I identified her by her white shirt. There were two girls 'like this', so I threw 'em both in here. Otherwise, I'd've had to throw 'em both out, and I didn't want to do that. I did a lot of work at video review and edit time trying to find them because, for some reason, they stood out in my memory real well, so I had to find a way and reason to use them in a video. And just so you know, those pink hi tops are not why that yellow thigh girl stood out to me.
210 sec 39.5 Mb 124 sec 25.7 Mb 55 sec 11.9 Mb
I was looking at the later-in-the-day part of this video and thinking 'Why the hell didn't I follow this girl around the carnival!? Why?!' I can't believe I have to look at my own videos and try to figure out what the hell I was thinking, but I think I actually had an excuse this time. You see, once the target has been identified and the filming's started, I try not to look at the woman too much. That's why I thought this'd just be a Thigh/Large Video and didn't notice the butt protrusion this bbw with junk in the trunk had. So I shot this vid accordingly, except without the long quest for a frontal that my Thigh Videos often have. At the time you see the good profile side shot that got me fired up like this I was really after two women at once, this one and the woman in 'She looks thicker in the video that in this picture', and I was so busy trying to process it all that I missed the best part. Sorry. No, realy. I really am sorry, because I missed it too. Didn't really know what to do with the first girl. I didn't even know what I was going to do at the time of filming. This should've been two seperate videos, but there was so much overlapping with the first girls off in the background and distance that I just decided to make this one special and let them share it. The big thing with the busty girl is mostly what I thought I saw. The thing with the thigh girl that inspired me to get her from the angles I did was the funny kink in her thigh. Do you see it? Thought that bit of fat was an interesting bit, so I focused on it. My regrets here were that the first girl wasn't what I thought she was, and that I didn't get more hopping from the second girl. I wanted to make an Other Secion Video out of this footage too, for the slant-of-the-back girl, but then there was so much more overlapping footage than I thought there was, then I started mistaking one of the girls in the next video for this girl, and then something else happened, and then I was just like, let me just make the first video like I was going to and just make sure the 'Other' girls main footage is all in it. I like the starring role woman in this video and am pretty happy to say that I completed the mission with this one, even winning the battle with white balance you get when you tape a woman in black pants. I almost missed her best move, probably because I was distracted by the foolish prospect of making some shots of an ssbbw teen in a litte ride actually worth watching, but I did catch that moment of movement, so since it wasn't dancing or anything like that, it's good enough as is and doesn't count as an outright miss. Then again, maybe you won't even be able to tell what I'm talking about. See if you can find the moment I've been ranting off about in the video.
189 sec 43.7 Mb 319 sec 67.1 Mb 461 sec 97.6 Mb
She's the big green woman of the carnival, that I almost confused for a worthless woman also present. It took a minute for this to get started, but even before I could really see her, I knew she be a good one to get clips of as I navigated the carnival. I don't know exactly how to express what I feel about the carnival game you hear the man announcing about on his mic, so I'll just let you try to listen to it, feel it, and even tell me what you think I should have said about it, if you care enough to read this and then use the Feedback Form. I can tell you though though that he's calling me when he starts in this. There's almost some dancing in this video, and another cool moment too- one I just barely got, so I had to loop there. Threw in some hot shots of a couple enjoying the carnival and was happy enough with calling it a vid as they turned to exit. The only thing I wasn't happy with was finding that the all footage of the next woman (if you're viewing the Large Section right now) was still hung on the end of this video when I rewatched this video to make sure I was typing the best description. That means I have to go back and recompile[or whatever] this video all over again because it's done wrong! I didn't make the other vid, or the vidcaps for either video either, so I have to do that, as well as adjust the video count and time on this Page. Glad I haven't gotten to the descriptions and such for the Large Section yet, or I'd have even more work to do, since that's where I have to add in the missing video. *Checks blackstreetbbw and returns to typing this* Dammit! I already threw the video links up on the Large Section, and in a half-assed manner at that, so that means that, according to my stubborn laws of blackstreetbbw, I have to go back over there and move all the later videos up to make room for that vid at it's place at the beginning of the carnival! Ugh. The Spring Carnival Update: Part 1 starts here. Must've done something wrong here that I didn't see, because this woman was totally on to me. I ended up having to pretend to be leaving the library just to make sure I kept out of trouble with her. Maybe it was how I noticed her from inside and came around. Did she notice me before I looked up and saw her? The only mistake that I know I made was not getting in position for the frontal shot in time because I thought her conversation'd last at least fifteen seconds longer than it did. Oh well. With the movie lengther under my belt already, this trip to the library to use thier internet access for blackstreetbbw work because my connection at home was no there turned out to be a great candid trip, and even without the frontal, this thick sista's video turned out to be a hot thick Thighs Clip.
331 sec 75.8 Mb 226 sec 51.9 Mb 87 sec 17.4 Mb
Let me start this thunderous Thunder Thigh Movie Length File's description by calling it a complete frontal WIN. Sure, it could have been ever better still, but what in life can't get better? There's actually surprisingly little to talk about in this Movie Length Video, so I'll spill most of the Movie's details in the individual sections on the next page in. The general overally story thing to point out here is that I was getting the idea that this woman had pretty much gotten too old and fat to work anymore, was planning on retiring soon, and had to train a much younger and thinner mature woman to take her place soon in the library bookstore, so I probably wouldn't see much more of her. Turns out I was right. Not taping her through the window, when I saw her first, was a mistake. I never got my prize frontal thanks to that. Good Big Thigh frontals are usually very very hard to get due to shopping baskets, and it's right around when she grabbed hers that I realized how big and blackstreetbbw worthy she was, with her thunder thighs rubbing those loose pants everywhere. I knew that frontal of that looked too good to not tape, so why didn't I do it, and why did I actually think I could make up for that loss? This is the woman I was talking about in my blog post, 'Should I Keep Taping Workers?' I messed up with picture uploading on there though, so I overwrote her pics. The problem there might be fixed by the time you actually read this. You can click the link in this text above to go to my blog and find out. Expect to see a lot more of this woman! I tried to kill two little birds with one stone- wanting to say something to her and wanting to know what was on the weather report I didn't watch- by asking her about the weather for the afternoon around the 35 second mark while we were outside. Her reply: "I don't know. I been at work all day baby." Then I go inside, and pretty soon she does too, to deal with some customers and a money order machine that the manager needed to come check out. As you'll see, the store manager working on the money order right in front of me didn't faze me.
1846 sec 255 Mb! 115 sec 21.4 Mb 326 sec 56.6 Mb
The questions 'Was this woman coming to the library as part of something work related'?, and 'was that a size related injury she'd gotten?' were the things on my mind at first, but at the end of this video the questions were 'Should have slid all the way over there I squeezed in some last minute sitting footage?' and, 'Why did I have to break the video right when I did so I could miss the daughter climbing all over the milf's butt?!' I was so mad that I cut the video right there, but that would've almost allowed me to make up for missing a girl leaning on this woman's butt a long time ago! I quickly whipped around to the unfolding little scene, too late to get what I really wanted, but not too late to get something prett decent given the shot distance. I also really liked how I thought to dip the camera down when she walked by, and how I was also thinking enough to anticipate the early glare and not depend on her entrance to make this video nice. Plus I got the frontals I usually 'need'... and that part I was crying over... really wasn't awesome- it was just good- so I guess it's all good that it didn't turn out like we wanted. When I first reviewed this video on my camera a long time ago, I was pretty sure it'd be one I wouldn't have to edit, but then I saw myself in the glass and got an idea. This would be the first video where I went through frame by frame and edited myself out of the video. If you've been watching lots of blackstreetbbw videos you already know that I've done that already with videos I shot before this, but this video was the first one where I looked at it and got the idea. Soon after I got the idea I started doing it to videos I was editing at the time, but when I finally got to this video, the video that led to the pioneering of the idea, I just edited the offending ending out. All the men in here knew what was good when she walked in! Too bad all she wanted was water! A little more of her shopping would've been nice, but even though her getting done cut into my getting my front view shots like I wanted, it meant I could just get right to it and get behind her in line without having to do any waiting to start the waiting. I think I spend too much time on her back, but I also think it was worth a good close look like I give you for the flab likers here. Plus, while I was up on her like that I had no even imaginary need to justify having heard her ask for change for a bill, so I mentioned keeping the cash drawer open for that as I made my purchase. It was nice having her stuck there, waiting for me to finish buying my stuff so we could both leave at once, but I made the mistake of reaching for my bag when I should've caught her step down the curb over to her car full of not-quite-behaving kids on tape instead. Maybe I should've paid more attention to her thighs while we were in line too. I think I did this video alright for the viewers, but if it was done wrong for not featuring enough thighs, I didn't make up for it with the in-the-car footage, or by not raising her speech up enough.
175 sec 22.2 Mb 22 sec 3.55 Mb 165 sec 18 Mb
Covered the camera to make sure I stayed safe as I uncomforatbly made this raw .ASF video in front of the library staff on my way out. When I right through the lion's den with minimal regard for my own safety to go all up close on my way to et the hell out of the place, I call that a 'Suicide Pass' FYI. Look at those shiny pants and the way she bouncily fills them out! I had to come back for a little more of that to get the juicy ending we see here, but was it almost too much for her to take? This clip subsists on almost-decent decent shots. My orignial enthusiasm for it waned when I saw it again for final editing, and I went back and forth deciding whether to post it. Figured I ought to since it's the last example in the Section of my experiment to improve the framerate of blackstreetbbw gone bad. But if you've seen and read about the other vids like this on the site, you know how hard I tried for you.
37 sec 4.92 Mb 170 sec 26.7 Mb 29 sec 1.67 Mb
Just some walking around, trying to get those bare legs on camera well enough without getting caught by staff, that didn't get properly posted here until a member brought it to my attention that I hadn't uploaded it! Scaredey Spread. This woman made me miss the lovely kick the previous[Thigh Section] vid (next page). Not that this mature wasn't worth looking at! I just turned to her at the wrong time and blew a fun moment in the other video, then shortened this one because of that, on top of that.
83 sec 10.7 Mb 115 sec 12.7 Mb 25 sec 3.79 Mb
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