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Alright folks. Blackstreetbbw's back. There's a new format being built though. For the the upcoming months, blackstreetbbw will be a one-video-at-a-time site, with videos available for individual purchase. HOWEVER, MEMBERS get to access all the videos free! Here are some videos to start, with more coming really soon as I get this back together!

In fact, new videos are coming online for May right now. Check the bottom of the list often this month for new ones.
Members can CLICK HERE to get all these vids. If you need assistance, Contact me HERE

Newer videos are added to the bottom of the page!

Young Extreme Pear

Buy now for $2.75

Old Extreme Pear

Buy now for $2.75
Another Extreme Pear

Four minutes long
Buy now for $2.25
Huge Boobs Sideways

Short, steady and sweet. And huge. Just over a minute of her spread between two minutes of unedited footage in two videos. The first clip's much better, but you get both mp4's in this download.
Buy now for $1.35

First Fattie of Cam

First all around big woman from this camera. Big breasts, big thighs, and just big. Two minutes of real good stuff.
Buy now for $1.45
Cell Phone Big Mature Booty

I can't highly recommend getting this one because it's 90 seconds long, but only 30 seconds are good, hence the low price. I can say get it if you were shopping already and had a buck to spare. It's on a better camera than you're used to around here, and is an mp4 video file
Buy now for $1.25
Bare Thighs Tight Dress

Juicy bare thighs and booty jiggling up and through the store. I added slomo for the parts with more jiggle.
Buy now for $1.50

The Big Ass Challenge

Getting this one was hard work. It was hot out there, and she was trying too much to cross the street. But that booty was so good I had to use two cams to capture it, so there's footage from both of them in this one video!
Buy now for $1.70
Tips and Hips at your Convenience

She stands at the counter so you can admire her big ass for a while, then she turns around so you can see her big rack, and I follow her off into the night. For a while.
Buy now for $1.40
Huge Boobs BuStop

Really long and really good. Only way it could have been much better is if I'd gotten more of her walking. Lots of good looks here. She walks. She sits. She rises. She leaves. I find her again at the next bus stop. You get to see her interact with her kids and her phone, and get a lot more titty movement than I bet you expected. Numerous angles, too. To top it off, I've included an unedited bonus file in the zip that has something I shot with my cell phone!
Buy now for $4.25

Some New Thighs

Not too short or shabby, but low priced because it's just aa big woman with big thighs- with bonus women outside at the end! This one's also shot with a camera you haven't seen before, so you get sound with this one.
Buy now for $1.19

Two New Women

Goin' in a new store, getting decently juicy footage of some new women. I'll have better vids of the worker in here in the future, so I'll start this price cheap, too.
Buy now for $1.25

New Old

I know this old woman's not too pretty higher up, and the camera's fps isn't high enough, but pretty don't matter here because it was all about getting beside her and the right times and staying behind her for the rest of the time. I did some extra slow motion toward the end- when she kinda tried to run- haha- and added some extra footage of another at the beginning, since I had it.
Buy now for $1.09

Soft Flaps of Big Booty, Thick-thighed Viewing Pleasure.

A little unstable for such a stable video. I'm new with this camera, but I really got the hang of it with this one. It's the first long, steady video I shot. Spent plenty of time taping her great behind for you because I was waiting for her to turn toward us and give us a real good shot of those fat, soft thighs overlappin' for us. Nice video, picture and sound, and my stuff with this camera gets better from here.
Buy now for $1.89

Best Budget Big All Around.

Three minutes long. Well, technically it's over 4 minutes, but some of that- like the very end- are more to be interesting than good. Like a small part around 3 minutes when you kinda see and hear the security guard's and shoppers reactions to when this BBW walks out of the store. Booty this good's gonna get the guard in trouble, so he better just keep eating his fried chicken! This huge, curvy woman was hot all around. I just wish I hadn't been held up elsewhere like I was, so I could have shot her better. Well, that, and I thought I heard something near the beginning that made me decide against following her too closely too long, too early. You can see the thighs. You can see the ass. You can see the size. You might not see that her titties were major large too, so I tried to manuver to make sure you saw that as well
Buy now for $1.25

Blackstreetbbw's Best Bus Stop Booty!

This video goes beyond living up to the title. It's eleven minutes of the best wide thighed, bus stop booty footage I can remember catching any time in recent history. It's not the biggest booty ever captured in blackstreetbbw history, but this ass is so good, and the thighs are so bulgy, the video's so solid, and there's so much of it, and it ain't boring sitting filler either! There is as much to look at in this video as a bus stop video can have, so if you ever liked any of my other booty footage, I can assure you this video will keep you entertained for all 11 minutes, believe that.
Buy now for $1.95


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